Ahn Sung Ki Reveals He Is Battling Cancer

Veteran actor Ahn Sung Ki has shared that he is currently battling cancer.

On September 15, Ahn Sung Ki attended the opening ceremony of a special exhibition for director Bae Chang Ho’s 40th anniversary. Many noted that the famous actor wore a wig during his appearance at the ceremony, and he was also escorted by someone supporting him as he walked, raising concerns about the state of his health.

In response to the worries of the public, Ahn Sung Ki has revealed in an interview with Korean news outlet Sports Chosun that he has been battling blood cancer for over a year. According to the actor, his condition recently improved after undergoing chemotherapy, which is why he was able to make his first public appearance in a long while.

“I’m currently in the midst of a battle with blood cancer that has lasted over a year,” said Ahn Sung Ki. “My health recently improved a bit after receiving chemotherapy, so I was able to go out in public. If I take off my wig, my head is bald.”

The actor went on to reveal, “Last May, I even had to arrive late at actress Kang Soo Yeon’s funeral [because I was receiving chemotherapy]. Now, my health has improved a lot.”

He added with a laugh, “I was unable to attend the premiere of ‘Hansan: Rising Dragon’ because my hair was like this.”

Ahn Sung Ki also shared that he will not be working on any projects for the time being, explaining, “I can’t [film anything] with my hair like this, but I’ll return in better health.”

Wishing Ahn Sung Ki a speedy and full recovery!

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