woo!ah!'s Nana, Kim Jae Won, CIX's Hyunsuk, EPEX's Keum Dong Hyun, And More Cast In Fantasy Romance Drama + October Air Date Confirmed

EBS’s new drama has confirmed its cast and air date!

On September 20, EBS confirmed, “New drama ‘The World You’ve Fallen Into’ [literal translation] has been confirmed to air on October 20.”

“The World You’ve Fallen Into” is a hi-teen fantasy romance drama about Yoo Je Bi, a top idol overwhelmed by hate comments who falls into the world of a romance novel and realizes a new meaning of life. The cast includes woo!ah!’s Nana as Yoo Je Bi, Kim Jae Won as Je Soo Oh, CIX’s Hyunsuk as Jin Woo, EPEX’s Keum Dong Hyun as Shin Han Se, and Ha Sun Ho as Lee Da Mi.

Nana stars as top idol Yoo Je Bi, who boasts a wild imagination and a bright personality. While receiving tons of love from the public, Yoo Je Bi is also bombarded with excessive attention and hate comments that pull her into a dark place. She resorts to a web novel as her source of comfort and falls so deeply into its world that she ends up living an entirely different life. Yoo Je Bi will also meet the male lead of her favorite web novel, drawing out a sweet and heart-fluttering romance. After escaping reality and getting to live a new life, Yoo Je Bi will rewrite her own story and discover the true meaning of living.

Kim Jae Won takes on the role of Je Soo Oh, a key member of the Four Heavenly Kings within the web novel world. His aloof appearance is irresistible to high school girls and his own boring life becomes much more exciting when Yoo Je Bi enters his world.

Another Four Heavenly Kings member is played by CIX’s Hyunsuk, who portrays Jin Woo, the school’s president and real power. While maintaining a facade as a caring school senior, Jin Woo’s secret gets found out by Yoo Je Bi. This creates an unusual relationship between the two and forms a love triangle as Jin Woo pays close attention to Yoo Je Bi’s bond with Je Soo Oh.

EPEX’s Keum Dong Hyun plays the cute Four Heavenly Kings member Shin Han Se, who is playful and always joking around. He’s charmed by Yoo Je Bi who treats him more unenthusiastically than the average girl and becomes her important helper as she prepares to return to reality.

Ha Sun Ho takes on the role of Lee Da Mi, the female lead in the web novel. While living a pure and innocent life, Lee Da Mi suddenly becomes aware of her true feelings, adding vibrancy to the story.

While crossing dimensions of reality and fictional novels, “The World You’ve Fallen Into” tells the story of growth through youth’s frustrations as they navigate the difficulties of the digital world and share their important school days with one another. The producers have also aimed to showcase teens’ defenceless exposure to media, tackling topics such as hate comments, “cyber wreckers,” which refers to online personalities who add commentary to trendy gossip in attempts to garner attention, and social media addiction.

“The World You’ve Fallen Into” will premiere through EBS on October 20 at 7 p.m. KST and air every Thursday and Friday!

In the meantime, watch Nana, Hyunsuk, and Keum Dong Hyun in “Best Mistake 3” here!

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