Lapillus Shares Their Bold Aspirations For First-Ever Comeback With “GRATATA”

Lapillus recently made their first-ever comeback!

On September 22, the girl group released their mini album “GIRL’s ROUND Part. 1.” The title track “GRATATA” is all about their determination to load and fire their dreams. The album’s double title track “Burn With Love” also makes an analogy between love and burning flames.

“GIRL’s ROUND Part. 1” is all about the members’ determination to “shoot at” and conquer their dreams. In an interview celebrating their comeback, Lapillus had several interesting points to share.

Shana commented, “I’m really happy to be back within a month of completing our debut promotions. We prepared really hard for the comeback, thinking of all the fans who supported and loved us. Please look forward to our improved performances!”

Bessie introduced the concept of the album, saying, “‘GIRL’s ROUND Part. 1’ is our first mini album. It’s a step forward from the powerful and bold aspirations we proclaimed with our debut song ‘HIT YA!‘ The six of us will now start showing you our determination to really ‘shoot’ at our dreams.”

Chanty added, “We wanted to incorporate a free yet energetic feel to the concept. We took part in making the album with the thought of wanting to express our colors and charms freely and fully on stage. It’s our hope that many people will also discover their own uniqueness through this album.”

Yue and Haeun both had comments about what to pay special attention to in their title track “GRATATA.” Yue said, “A few highlights of our title song ‘GRATATA’ are its powerful performance and upbeat chorus. The song itself is about loading up your dreams and taking a shot. The word ‘GRATATA’ is an onomatopoeia of a machine gun fire. The pronunciation itself is pretty catchy, so the song is fun to both watch and listen to. I hope you enjoy it.”

Haeun said, “You can also say that our upgraded performances is something to be on the lookout for. I can say with confidence that you can raise your expectations because the quality of the performance is high. It’s to the point where I can say all the parts of the routine is worthy of being a killing part.”

The members also made some personal reflections with Seowon saying, “When we debuted, it was our first time for everything, so I was very nervous. I think I told myself to not make any mistakes numerous times a day. But while preparing for this comeback, I took it on with a goal to do better and not just to minimize my mistakes. Please look forward to seeing how we’ve grown in all aspects from music to our performances.”

Chanty looked back at the group’s promotions in the Philippines, commenting, “I was surprised to see how much bigger of an audience we had than expected. I was so grateful to see how 8,000 people gathered at our fan meeting to support us. Seeing all the people supporting us even while abroad made me more determined to work harder.”

Since “GRATATA” marks the group’s first comeback, the members had a lot on their minds. For Haeun and Bessie, they had a few goals. Haeun shared, “We hope to grow into a group that has both skill and confidence. There’s nothing more I could wish for Lapillus than to be a group that meets our fans’ expectations with each comeback.”

Bessie remarked, “We hope that our name Lapillus can become a sort of reference point. [I hope] that it could come to mean an idol that always presents their best in every performance. We’ll work very hard to achieve that.”

The members wrapped up the interview, expressing their determination going into music promotions. Shana said, “We’ve returned with our first mini album. We’ll work hard to show a much more improved version of ourselves during promotions for ‘GIRL’s ROUND Part. 1.'”

Chanty made closing remarks, saying, “Since the time period to prepare was really short, we worked really hard. Please be on the lookout and continue to support us with this comeback.”

If you haven’t already, catch the music video for “GRATATA” here!

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