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What a gift “Young Actors’ Retreat” has been for Korean entertainment fans. Not only do we get an all-star cast, but seeing the natural sides of all the actors has been thoroughly entertaining. In the latest episode, there were more glorious moments of the actors being their true selves while making new friends. Here are eight moments from episode 4 that we couldn’t help but feel giddy over.

1. Park Seo Joon being unfazed by ghosts

In this past episode, the producers of the show continue to try and scare all of the guests by getting them to go into the ghost-filled bathhouse. The goal of the mission is to walk into the bathhouse and grab as many mission note cards as possible. This helps to ensure that they are safe from receiving any punishments.

The bathhouse is terrifying to say the least. There are people dressed up in ghost and zombie costumes popping out of corners. But when it’s Park Seo Joon’s turn to go into the bathhouse, he doesn’t even bat an eyelash. He simply responds to the monsters running after him by saying hello. While continuing to complete the mission, Park Seo Joon proves that he isn’t scared of ghosts or monsters.

Park Seo Joon calmly taking a mission note from the ghost’s hands and is even polite enough to say thank you.

2. Ryu Kyung Soo getting very scared

Ji Chang Wook volunteers Ryu Kyung Soo to go into the bathhouse, and after basically begging to not be sent in, he begrudgingly agrees. His cries and groans while getting scared by the ghosts, and it was overwhelmingly hilarious. As a viewer, you really couldn’t help but feel bad that he was being tormented. He even says at one point, “This is why I said I wasn’t going to do variety shows.” Needless to say, it was hilarious, and Ryu Kyung Soo was able to show a different side of himself that fans appreciated.

3. Ji Chang Wook getting very scared… of a moth

Ji Chang Wook proved a few times in this show that he does not like bugs. When the bathhouse mission ends and all the actors are getting into their vans to go back to the retreat center, a moth gets in Ji Chang Wook’s van. He immediately freaks out and yelps, looking visibly scared. One of the staff members comes to the rescue and shoos the moth out of the van to which Ji Chang Wook finally regains his composure. The embarrassment he feels after the terrifying encounter with the bug was hilarious. Who knew Ji Chang Wook would be so scared of bugs?

4. Everyone saying that Hwang In Yeop is cute

At brunch the following morning, everyone was gathered together, enjoying the food that the losing team had to make. Hwang In Yeop couldn’t get over how embarrassing he must have looked the night before, being so scared in the haunted school. Park Bo Gum reassures Hwang In Yeop and tells him that he was really cute and that it wasn’t embarrassing at all. Just then, Kwon Nara chimes in saying that she really likes him now, and even Ryu Kyung Soo mentions that he became a fan. It was adorable seeing Hwang In Yeop getting praised and even cuter that he made several new fans while on this program!

5. Park Seo Joon and Ji Chang Wook’s interaction

Seeing these two powerhouse actors sitting beside each other at brunch was absolute bliss. Ji Chang Wook first offers soup to Park Seo Joon when he sits down, and he initiates conversation, asking if he slept well the night before. These two actors are similar in age, and we need to see them in a K-drama together one day because the charisma with the two in one frame is overwhelming!

6. Park Bo Gum and Hwang In Yeop’s chemistry

Through the first few episodes, it has already been evident that Park Bo Gum and Hwang In Yeop are getting along great. Seeing this duo together and how adorable they are on the same team is so entertaining and sweet. While driving to their zip line destination, Hwang In Yeop asks Park Bo Gum if he tends to attract good weather or bad weather to which Park Bo Gum responds that he usually brings good weather. Hwang In Yeop says he is the same, causing laughter in the car. It’s safe to say that these two will always bring the sunshine in our lives!

7. Ahn Bo Hyun’s arrival

When half the cast decides to go on the action-packed tour, they get to the zip line office where they are greeted by Ahn Bo Hyun. As a result of previous scheduling, Ahn Bo Hyun was not able to make it to the start of the retreat, so it was especially exciting to see him show up to the zip line. The actors, especially the “Itaewon Class” crew, were thrilled that he could join them. Not knowing what to expect, it was endearing to watch Ahn Bo Hyun get flustered about immediately zip lining after having just gotten there.

8. Ahn Bo Hyun helping Park Seo Joon

While everyone prepares to go zip lining, Park Seo Joon struggles a bit with getting his gear on. He asks Ahn Bo Hyun for help to which Ahn Bo Hyun is quick to assist. The reunion of this duo is everything fans could have asked for. Despite having been mortal enemies in the series “Itaewon Class,” these two have proven to have remained good friends. Ahn Bo Hyun taking his time to help Park Seo Joon get his zip line gear on was just the icing on top of the cake – the bromance feels!

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