Apink’s Chorong Postpones Bangkok Fan Meeting Due To Car Accident Aftereffects

Apink CHOBOM’s upcoming fan meeting in Thailand has been postponed due to Chorong’s health.

On September 27, IST Entertainment revealed that last week, Chorong suffered a minor car accident on her way home from practice. Although Chorong experienced some pain around her cervical spine afterwards, she still chose to perform at CHOBOM’s fan meeting in Japan two days later due to her “strong determination” not to cancel.

However, Chorong’s pain has since worsened, and as her doctor advised her that she neede to rest, CHOBOM will be postponing their fan meeting that was scheduled to take place in Bangkok on October 1.

IST Entertainment’s full statement is as follows:

We are informing you that the “2022 Apink CHOBOM Fan Meeting ‘Framily’ in Bangkok” that was scheduled to take place this Saturday (October 1) has been postponed.

On September 21 at around 10 p.m., after rehearsing for her fan meeting in the IST practice room, Apink member Park Chorong was returning home when she got into a minor car accident due to the inexperienced driving of the car behind her. [Afterwards,] she complained of pain in the area around her cervical spine.

After the accident, [Apink CHOBOM’s] fan meeting in Japan was held due to Chorong’s strong determination [to perform], and after returning to Korea, she went to the hospital for treatment and got plenty of rest and stability.

However, Chorong’s pain has currently worsened slightly, and due to her doctor’s opinion that she needs to rest, it was inevitably decided that the fan meeting in Bangkok would be postponed.

We sincerely apologize to the fans who waited a long time and ask for your understanding. We will make Park Chorong’s health our top priority and do our utmost for the remaining “2022 Apink CHOBOM Fan Meeting ‘Framily'” in Korea.

Thank you.

Wishing Chorong a speedy recovery!

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