Watch: Kim Hye Soo Must Fight To Protect Her Sons Against Numerous Threats In Teaser For

Kim Hye Soo promises to protect her children in a tense new teaser for “The Queen’s Umbrella”!

tvN’s upcoming historical drama “The Queen’s Umbrella” centers on the special palace education system of the Joseon Dynasty. The drama will follow the conflict within the palace over trying to make proper princes out of its five troublemaking princes, who cause nothing but headaches for the royal family. Kim Hye Soo will star in the drama as queen Im Hwa Ryung, the wife of a great king and the long-suffering mother of five troublemaking sons.

The main teaser clip previews the desperate crisis faced by queen Im Hwa Ryung as she tries to set up her sons for success. Her mother-in-law Queen Dowager (Kim Hae Sook) heartlessly remarks, “Out of the queen’s offspring, there is no one suited to sit in that position [as king].” Distraught and in tears, Im Hwa Ryung worries, “If I’m unable to overcome this danger…”

However, the queen’s danger serves as an opportunity for others as concubine Hwang Gwi In (Ok Ja Yeon) finishes Im Hwa Ryung thought by adding, “the prince who becomes the baedong may soon be able to take over the position as crown prince.” (Baedong refers to the important role of a designated friend for the crown prince who serves, studies, and plays with them)

Someone else rudely chimes in, “This is not a plot of treason, but rather the making of history,” hinting at a series of unpredictable events.

In addition to dealing with other people coveting the crown prince’s position, when queen Im Hwa Ryung already has multiple mature sons, she’s also faced with Queen Dowager’s cold comments. She asks Im Hwa Ryung, “How much longer do you think you’ll last with those rotting roots?”

With all these threats coming in against Im Hwa Ryung and her sons, the queen steps up to do anything and everything to block these unpredictable attacks. She firmly states, “Who will believe what they do not see? Who will protect my babies, if not me?” At the end, queen Im Hwa Ryung confidently adds, “Even if a problem arises, I will figure it out.”

Watch the full teaser below and catch the premiere on October 15 at 9:10 p.m. KST!

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