Ji Chang Wook, Sooyoung, And Won Ji An Share Closing Comments Following Conclusion Of

Ji Chang Wook, Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, and Won Ji An have shared their closing comments on “If You Wish Upon Me”!

KBS 2TV’s “If You Wish Upon Me” is a drama inspired by an actual organization in the Netherlands that fulfills the wishes of terminal cancer patients. The finale aired on September 29 to a slight ratings rise from the penultimate episode.

Ji Chang Wook stars as Yoon Gyeo Re, a man who has been pushed to his limits by a difficult life full of struggles. However, when he winds up having to volunteer at a hospice, he finds his life changing in unexpected ways while helping to make the patients’ wishes come true.

Sooyoung stars in the drama as Seo Yeon Joo, a tough and cheerful nurse at the hospice who is obsessed with exercise, while Sung Dong Il plays Kang Tae Shik, the volunteer chief of Team Genie. Won Ji An plays Ha Joon Kyung, the human embodiment of a black swan who becomes obsessed with Yoon Gyeo Re after he lends her a helping hand for the first time in her life.

To comfort viewers already missing the drama, Ji Chang Wook, Sooyoung, and Won Ji An shared heartfelt closing comments. Ji Chang Wook remarked, “‘If You Wish Upon Me,’ which started filming last fall, has finally aired its last broadcast. I’m reminded a lot of all the moments with our team members from our filming set. It was such good fortune to me that I was able to be Yoon Gyeo Re and work with so many great people.”

He added, “‘If You Wish Upon Me’ was a new challenge and experience for me. I hope a moment’s comfort and warmth was conveyed [to viewers] through Yoon Gyeo Re’s growth and the story of ‘If You Wish Upon Me.’ Additionally, I hope it remains as a story that you think about from time to time.”

Sooyoung shared, “This was a project that was incredibly healing [for me] while filming and while watching the broadcasts, I was constantly reminded of fun memories from set so I thought about how I was happy and that I missed it. I hope that the touching emotions I felt while filming were conveyed to viewers too.”

She also commented, “Just like chief Kang Tae Shik’s ambulance, I hope this becomes a drama that is remembered for a long time and firmly establishes itself in viewers’ hearts. Although ambulances are supposed to move quickly, Tae Shik’s ambulance moves slowly while still doing its part. I believe ‘If You Wish Upon Me’ was a drama like Tae Shik’s ambulance that firmly head to the end. Thank you to the viewers who were with us until the end.”

Regarding her character Seo Yeon Joo, Sooyoung remarked, “While Yeon Joo was an icon of invigoration at the hospital, I think she was also a character who gave vitality to the drama itself. That’s why while filming, everytime Yeon Joo came out, I felt a responsibility to air out [the scene] and add vitality to the drama. Even for scenes that I just passed by in, I worked on set to make it a bit more fun and energetic. I think those aspects that I paid attention to were of a bit of help, so I feel proud.”

After thanking viewers, Sooyoung added, “Our drama has a message with each episode. I hope it becomes a drama that you open from time to time and are reminded of.”

Won Ji An commented, “I feel grateful that I was able to greet you with ‘If You Wish Upon Me.’ I think the times I spent with our staff members as well as with Sung Dong Il, Ji Chang Wook, and Choi Sooyoung, will remain as valuable experiences. Thank you so much to everyone who laughed and cried with Joon Kyung until the end.”

If you haven’t watched it already, check out the final episode of “If You Wish Upon Me” here!

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