Nam Ji Hyun Faces Off Against Uhm Ki Joon + Park Ji Hu Gets A Mysterious Makeover On “Little Women”

tvN’s “Little Women” has shared an intriguing new glimpse of its upcoming episode!

“Little Women” is a drama starring Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, and Park Ji Hu as three sisters with a close bond who grew up in poverty. When all three of them become entangled with one of the nation’s wealthiest families, they are catapulted into a new world of money and power that is unlike anything they’ve known before.


On the previous episode of “Little Women,” Oh In Joo (Kim Go Eun) came to the shocking realization that she had been unwittingly playing the leading role in a “secret play” devised entirely by Won Sang Ah (Uhm Ji Won).

However, just when it seemed that Won Sang Ah was holding all the cards, Oh In Joo managed to turn things around: after it came to light that Oh In Joo had already hidden the 70 billion won (approximately $50.1 million) somewhere else, she flipped the power dynamic of the situation around by pointing a gun at Won Sang Ah.

In newly released stills from the drama’s next episode, Oh In Kyung (Nam Ji Hyun) sits down for a tense face-to-face encounter with her nemesis Park Jae Sang (Uhm Ki Joon). While Oh In Kyung glares resentfully at him, Park Jae Sang is notably relaxed as he coolly returns her gaze with a slight smile and a drink in hand.

Meanwhile, Oh In Hye (Park Ji Hu) seems to have undergone a transformation of her own. Dressed in expensive-looking clothes that are a far cry from what she usually wears, Oh In Hye finds herself in an unfamiliar room—and the unreadable expression on her face raises the question of what might be happening to her.

The producers of “Little Women” teased, “In Episode 9, the sisters will once again feel the presence of the Jeongran Society, who has spread out all over the place. Please keep an eye on how and with whom the three sisters will fight in order to face off against these people, who are spread out everywhere and who have deep roots at the very bottom of the world.”

To find out what kind of battles lie in store for the three sisters, catch the next episode of “Little Women” on October 1 at 9:10 p.m. KST!

In the meantime, watch Nam Ji Hyun in her previous drama “The Witch’s Diner” with subtitles below:

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