5 Funniest Moments From Episode 5 Of “Young Actors’ Retreat”

The joy that “Young Actors’ Retreat” brings to its viewers is endless. There is nothing more we could have asked for. Seeing the cast members continue to bond with each other while bringing laughter is the recipe for de-stressing at the end of a long day. This week, the producers of the show had another entertaining game that involved them getting thrown into the pool. Here are five of the funniest moments from episode 5 of the show.

1. Kwak Dong Yeon helping out the losing team

While half of the group is adventurously zip-lining, the other half is chilling at the hanok (traditional Korean house), playing a game of alkkagi. While the members were playing, Kwak Dong Yeon couldn’t help but feel bad for Ji Chang Wook’s team as they seemed to be losing pretty badly. Although he was the MC, he encouraged them and even gave them some tips on how to play better, which the members of the other team could not understand. It was endearingly hilarious to see him sympathize and support the weaker team!

2. The zip-line team trying on different hats

After eating some delicious food, the zip-lining group decides to take some photos. They go to a specific store where they wear different types of hats. All the members freely try on several hats, causing some laughter.

They all had such a great time!

When it’s time for them to all take photos, it’s a bit chaotic, but there are laughs all around. A lot of the photos had the actors making funny faces and being themselves. It was truly an adorable part in the episode that showed them being comfortable and natural with one another.

3. Water splashing on their heads

After having lunch, all the teams gather by the pool. The producers reveal that they will be playing a game that involves flinging the actors into the pool. They will also be getting buckets of water poured over their heads. When the chair tossing game begins, there are certain cues that are set. If one of the actors does a cue, they get a huge bucket of water tossed over their heads. Kwak Dong Yeon, Park Bo Gum, Ji Chang Wook, and Hwang In Yeop are the first four actors to sit in the chairs. Kwon Nara is the one getting asked questions, and if she says or does one of the cues, the actor gets wet. The actors who were watching couldn’t help but laugh at the other actors getting water suddenly poured over them. Needless to say, it provided lots of laughter!

4. The flying guests

Kwak Dong Yeon is the first of the cast who gets launched into the air from his chair. After Kwak Dong Yeon is Hwang In Yeop and Park Bo Gum. A few of the actors continually get tossed into the water, and as sad as it is seeing them go flying, it’s also pretty hilarious. A lot of the other actors who were watching couldn’t help but laugh hysterically every time one of them got tossed.

5. Hwang In Yeop falling into the water

After being relentlessly thrown into the pool as well as having water dumped over his head a dozen times, Hwang In Yeop stumbles out of the pool, only to fall back in. He loses his balance and trips, causing laughter to erupt from all the other guests. Hwang In Yeop already has the reputation of being the one to feel sorry for as it constantly seems like he’s worried. So when he falls back in, the others can’t help but laugh and feel bad at the same time. Hwang In Yeop truly couldn’t get a break, and the actors even mentioned that the “variety gods are upon him” because of how ridiculous the situation was.

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