10 Movies Starring K-Pop Idols Worth Checking Out

K-pop is a phenomenon that has taken over the world, and fans cannot get enough of their favorite singers. One of the best ways to become more familiar with idols is through watching their acting skills in films, as well. Many talented idol-actors such as B1A4’s Jung Jinyoung, EXO’s D.O., and IU have been entertaining fans with their great acting! Here are some films featuring your favorite K-pop stars to check out.

The Dude in Me

Mistaken identity gets a supernatural twist in “The Dude in Me.” Gang member Pan Soo (Park Sung Woong) has an unfortunate accident with a high school student named Dong Hyun (Jung Jinyoung) and slips into a coma. His spirit wakes up in Dong Hyun’s body, and he helps him fight his bullies. While in Dong Hyun’s body, Pan Soo even reconnects with his ex-girlfriend and meets the daughter he never knew about.

Jung Jinyoung rose to fame with the group B1A4, and his acting career has made him even more famous! Fans will love Jung Jinyoung’s comedic portrayal of a dual role as both Dong Hyun and Pan Soo. He starts off as a shy high school student, but his character completely shifts gears a little later to that of a tough, no-nonsense gang member. Jung Jinyoung is proving himself to be a genius in comedy!

Watch Jinyoung in “The Dude in Me” here:

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“Swing Kids”

This period film is set in a prison camp during the Korean War. The American-run prison camp is tasked with creating a Christmas production to impress the international media and improve the public image of the United States. Sergeant Jackson (Jared Grimes) is chosen to cast the dance project, and his open audition draws a diverse crowd of prisoners. North Korean soldier Ro Ki Soo (D.O.), Communist sympathizer Kang Byung Sam (Oh Jung Se), and Chinese soldier Xiao Pang (Kim Min Ho) are some of the willing and talented dancers.

EXO member D.O. is no stranger to films! He has a lot of memorable, emotional roles in movies such as “Pure Love” and “Along With the Gods: The Last 49 Days.” The film “Swing Kids” was a great opportunity for him to put his music skills to good use as he impressed with his amazing footwork. D.O. is one of the best!

Watch D.O. in “Swing Kids” here:

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Juror 8

Based on a true story, “Juror 8” recounts South Korea’s first trial by jury. In this version, a man is charged with killing his mother. Kwon Nam Woo (Park Hyung Sik) is the juror who is set on investigating the facts himself before he makes his decision, and he persuades his fellow jurors as well.

Park Hyung Sik is one idol-turned-actor that many have been fans of since his ZE:A days. Although he first debuted as a singer, you can also discover Park Hyung Sik’s talent as an actor and investigator in this film. Park Hyung Sik’s idol tenure proves that he is great at teamwork, and you can witness it yet again as he works alongside his fellow on-screen jurors. You’ll be impressed by his acting skills of detective mastery!

Watch Park Hyung Sik” in “Juror 8” here:

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Shades of the Heart

Reality and fiction mix together in this film about random people sharing their heartfelt life stories with a novelist. Yeon Woo Jin plays a novelist named Chang Seok. After seven years living in the United Kingdom, he returns home and decides to do some sightseeing in Seoul. He encounters a bartender, an editor, and even a young woman who has absolutely no interest in reading novels. The young woman’s name is Mi Young (IU), and the novelist and nonbeliever are destined to clash and eventually bond.

IU shines in this movie. From the emotive series “My Mister,” fans already know that IU has the ability to move viewers like no other. Her famous acting is equal to her chart-topping music talent. “Shades of the Heart” gives her another opportunity to make jaws drop with her realistic acting and relatable character.

Watch IU in “Shades of the Heart” here:

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Double Patty

“Double Patty” tells the story of Kang Woo Ram (Shin Seung Ho) and Lee Hyun Ji (Irene), two people who overcome hardships to chase their dreams. The respective wrestler and waitress meet at Hyun Ji’s burger restaurant by accident and become smitten with each other. After the initial butterflies, they start talking and begin encouraging one another to pursue their dreams. Kang Woo Ram returns to wrestling, and the hardworking Lee Hyun Ji applies to become a news anchor.

Red Velvet‘s Irene triumphs in her role as the hardworking waitress. It isn’t everyday that you get to see a famous girl group member taking on a blue-collar job, and she doesn’t disappoint. “Double Patty” is one of the first film roles that the singer accepted, and many Red Velvet fans will love seeing her play the approachable leading lady.

Watch Irene in “Double Patty” here:

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Moonlit Winter

Accidentally reading her mom’s letter, Sae Bom (Kim So Hye) plans to take her mom on a trip to reunite her with her first love. Her newly divorced mom Yoon Hee (Kim Hee Ae) joins Sae Bom but is unaware of her daughter’s true intentions. They embark on an unforgettable trip and strengthen their own bond.

Kim So Hye is a former I.O.I member that many fans love. But before joining the girl group, her specialty was acting, and Kim So Hye promised to return to her roots after I.O.I promotions were complete. You can witness her polished acting skills in “Moonlit Winter” and see her great passion for film. It’s no doubt that Kim So Hye loves her career!

Watch Kim So Hye in “Moonlit Winter” here:

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A Way Station

Time is precious for this young couple in love. Years after their separation, Alzheimer’s patient Baek Seung Hyun (Kim Dong Jun) and terminally ill patient Han Ji Ah (Kim Jae Kyung) are brought together by fate. With time running out, they plan to make lasting memories and not waste a single moment. Han Ji Ah wants Baek Seung Hyun to remember her forever.

Kim Dong Jun is another ZE:A member to become an actor, while Kim Jae Kyung also made her start as an idol through the girl group Rainbow. In this romance drama, they both give the emotional performances of a lifetime, and they will bring you to tears with their expert portrayals of these strong characters. They deserve a standing ovation!

Watch Kim Dong Jun and Kim Jae Kyung in “A Way Station” here:

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Goodbye Summer

After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, teenager Hyun Jae (Jung Je Won) returns to high school to enjoy his last days among his peers. Hyun Jae even gathers the courage to confess his feelings to his longtime crush Soo Min (Kim Bo Ra). Hyun Jae and his friends make the most of their time together and learn to say goodbye to a perfect summer.

Jung Je Won originally made his debut with the group 1Punch and later became a solo rapper under the stage name ONE. A career in hip hop opened doors for him in the entertainment industry, but now he is also a leading man! Through the film, Jung Je Won explores a romantic role, and he shows his natural ability as a sentimental actor. He does a good job of making you believe the reality of his character, and his versatility from rapper to actor is awe-inspiring.

Watch Jung Je Won in “Goodbye Summer” here:

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Romantic sparks fly in a newly formed band as a group of high school students decide to end their school journey by embarking on a new adventure in music. But when lead singer Yoo Ha Young (Miyeon), Gong Chan Young (Kim Min Chul), and guitarist Lee Ji Hoon (Hwiyoung) get entangled in a love triangle, the future becomes unclear for the team.

Miyeon and Hwiyoung found fame through their groups (G)I-DLE and SF9, respectively, and they’re able to give viewers a taste of their music talent in “Replay.” Both of them do a great job of making you believe that they are dedicated to this fictional band. It’s clear that music is their happy place, and we get to join them on the ride of a lifetime.

Watch in Miyeon and Hwiyoung in “Replay” here:

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Trumpet on the Cliff

Photography student Aoi (Nanami Sakuraba) survives a heart transplant and travels to her uncle’s hometown in Okinawa for her recovery. During her stay, she meets an interesting young man named Ji Oh (Byung Hun) with his most prized possession—a trumpet. She was forced to give up her photography studies due to her surgery, while his trumpet is the only gift he treasures from his parents. They form a bond and begin supporting each other.

Byung Hun began his career under the stage name L.Joe in the group TEEN TOP. If you ever wanted to see him play a romantic lead, “Trumpet on the Cliff” is your chance! Since the film is in Japanese, you’ll witness his raw acting talent in a foreign film as well. Byung Hun wowed audiences in Japan as his character Ji Oh, and it’ll be interesting to see what his next leading role will be.

Watch Byung Hun in “Trumpet on the Cliff” here:

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