What To Anticipate In The 2nd Half Of

Get ready for things to heat up in the second half of “The Law Cafe”!

Based on the hit web novel of the same name, KBS 2TV’s “The Law Cafe” is a romantic comedy starring Lee Seung Gi as Kim Jung Ho, a genius former prosecutor-turned-libertine landlord, and Lee Se Young as Kim Yu Ri, the eccentric lawyer that becomes his new tenant when she opens a “law cafe” in his building.

As the drama quickly dives into its second half, here are three key points you should keep an eye out for!

1. Kim Jung Ho and Kim Yu Ri’s relationship after revealing the truth

In Episode 8, Kim Yu Ri was left in shock after finding out that Kim Jung Ho was a part of the Dohan group. In the episode before that, Kim Jung Ho was kidnapped by a school bully and after finding out that Kim Yu Ri had shed tears out of worry for him, he kissed her. However, after the kiss, he began to avoid Kim Yu Ri, raising questions about the future of their relationship.

Although Kim Jung Ho had initially planned on personally making an official announcement that he was the person who accused Dohan Construction of corruption, he missed the timing to do so after news regarding his father Kim Seung Woon (Jeon No Min) came out first. Kim Yu Ri saw his father’s news first and burst into tears, crying out, “Oh no, Kim Jung Ho. Just like you said, you’re going to get hate.” He begged earnestly, “I’m all prepared. So please don’t leave me.” Now that Kim Yu Ri knows the truth about Kim Jung Ho, how will their relationship change?

2. The danger Dohan Construction is facing and the fate of CEO Lee Pyun Woong

Under the name “Whistleblower,” Kim Jung Ho was able to accuse Dohan Construction of corruption through the web novel “SSS-Class Vicious Enterprise Bureaucratic Terminal.” When Dohan’s CEO Lee Pyun Woong (Jo Han Chul) discovered that the details in this accusation were only accessible in court records or by those within the Dohan group, he began to keep his eyes peeled for the accuser.

Amid this process, Kim Yu Ri, who had received compensation from Dohan Construction for noise in her apartment, received a warning from Lee Pyun Woong, forcing Kim Jung Ho to step forward. Kim Jung Ho gathered evidence regarding the connection between Dohan Construction and his father Kim Seung Woon, a Seoul Central District prosecutor, which in turn put his father’s career in danger. Starting with Kim Seung Woon as the target and Dohan Group as the ultimate goal, stay tuned to see whether Dohan will be able to make it out alive.

3. Solutions for new clients and the “lotto” couple

“The Law Cafe” covers topics anyone can deal with in real life, such as apartment noise and secondhand sales, but also deals with more serious matters like child abuse and school violence. After officially becoming a lawyer, Kim Jung Ho starts on a new life path as he joins Kim Yu Ri as her “law cafe” partner. Stay tuned to discover what new clients these two will meet and whether they’ll be able to last in the long run as lawyer partners.

The producers commented, “‘The Law Cafe’ will approach viewers with a bittersweet romance, humanism with depth, and a wide range of fun. The second half, which starts with the October 3 broadcast, will unfold a narrative where the leads collide violently with love and justice and endlessly go back and forth between hot and cold. Please look forward to it and give us lots of attention.”

The next episode of “The Law Cafe” airs on October 4 at 9:30 p.m. KST!

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