SEVENTEEN's Agency Issues Fan Etiquette Rules For Safety And Privacy + Warns Against Violations

SEVENTEEN’s agency PLEDIS Entertainment has issued new fan etiquette guidelines.

On October 6, PLEDIS Entertainment released a statement detailing the increasing number of inappropriate fan behavior that has been compromising the safety of SEVENTEEN, including excessive physical contact, invasion of privacy, and stalking. In the statement is a strict set of fan etiquette rules along with warnings against any violations.

Read the full English post here:

This is PLEDIS Entertainment.

We would like to express our gratitude to the fans sending love and support to SEVENTEEN.

Recently when SEVENTEEN leaves and enters Korea and other countries, there have been repeated activities threatening artists’ safety, such as excessive physical contact and taking photography or videos up close or using the same flight with the artist with improperly acquired information, indiscriminately taking photos at airport areas where photography is not allowed and causing discomfort and inconveniences to others by blocking other passenger’s ways, using inappropriate language and creating noise and commotion.

There also have been multiple cases of violation of the fan etiquette by selling or buying artists’ personal information or invading artists’ privacy by visiting a personal space such as their houses.

In this regard, we would like to provide SEVENTEEN Fan Etiquette to create healthy fan culture and to protect artists’ safety and rights. This set of Fan Etiquette rules apply to the entire public, fan or otherwise. We ask you to carefully read and comply with the rules.

[Fan Etiquette Rules]

1. Please do not visit unofficial engagement venues or private spaces.
Do not visit private spaces other than venues officially announced as SEVENTEEN’s official activity, such as company offices, practice studios, living spaces or nearby areas, and any other locations that the artist has visited or are related to them.
Do not visit airports or board the same flight as the artists during any part of their domestic or international activities including tours and personal traveling by using information acquired improperly.
Do not send or leave gifts or letters at the artists’ private locations (living space, family home, etc.).

2. Please do not stalk the artists.
Do not carry out or repeatedly attempt to contact, visit, follow, talk to, or make physical contact with the artists.
Do not attempt the above actions towards the family members, friends and acquaintances of the artists.
Do not attempt to access the waiting room of the artist or try to approach them by illegally copying, producing or acquiring passes at concert venues or other similar access-controlled locations.

3. Please do not sell or purchase the artists’ personal information.
Do not transact or attempt to transact the artists’ personal information such as resident registration number, phone number, address, ID, etc.
Do not transact or attempt to transact flight information such as flight number or seat number when the artist is leaving or entering a country.

4. Please do not take photographs or record video or audio except where permitted.
Do not covertly photograph or record video or audio of the artists in closed sets or locations, or in their private spaces.
Do not photograph or take video or audio, or broadcast (live stream) video or audio where such activities are prohibited.
Do not violate rules prohibiting the possession of any devices capable of recording video or audio into concert or other venues (except mobile phones), or use mobile phones for the purpose or recording video or audio.
Do not engage in video or audio recording activities that violate copyrights.
* Areas where recording is not permitted: inside airports (ticket counter, security checkpoint, lounge, duty-free stores, boarding gate, security area, baggage claim area), inside network broadcast studios, and performances
and any venues where recording video or audio is prohibited.

5. Please do not interfere with artist-related activities.
Do not interfere with the duties of artist management staff, security personnel in Korea and abroad or any other persons carrying out artists-related activities, or refuse to comply with their requests for cooperation.
Do not block the artists from entering their vehicles or prevent the vehicles from moving normally.
Do not engage in a vehicle chase with the artists’ vehicles.

6. Please do not engage in other inappropriate actions.
Do not assume a false identity to engage in fan activities: transferring ID cards, using an unlawfully-acquired ID, using another person’s ID or documents or forging such documents.
Do not limit the opportunities of other members from attending events by applying for then failing to show up for a Fan Club seat for a music show broadcast or failing to bring the necessary identify verification materials to such
an event.
Do not try to hand over gifts to the artist.
Do not engage in actions that physically or mentally threaten the artists.
Do not engage in other improper and inappropriate actions unbefitting of a fan or that which may be seen in a negative light by the fandom.

[For Violations of Fan Etiquette Rules]

1. If any violations of the Fan etiquette rules are discovered, you may be stripped of your eligibility to carry the official SEVENTEEN Global Fan Club Membership (CARAT MEMBERSHIP) or be restricted or prohibited from receiving the benefits without prior warning.

2. Entrance to an official SEVENTEEN activity (performance, music shows, fan signing events, etc.) may be restricted or prohibited without prior notice.

3. If covert recordings are discovered, you may be asked to delete any video or audio recordings, and will be escorted out of the venue.

4. We hold no responsibility for any devices damaged while you are being escorted out.

5. If any actions that do not comply with the etiquette rules above are found to be unlawful, evidence may be collected and violators may be subject to civil and criminal penalties.

We will continue to strive to create a sound fan culture and protect the rights of our artists.
Thank you fans, for your continued support and cooperation.

Thank you.

SEVENTEEN is currently on their “BE THE SUN” world tour with upcoming stops in the Philippines and Singapore. In November, they will continue with a dome tour across Japan.

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