Ha Seok Jin’s Life Is Saved By A Hero In A Helmet In “Blind”

Ha Seok Jin will inadvertently find himself in a life-threatening situation on the next episode of “Blind”!

“Blind” is a tvN mystery thriller about ordinary people who unfairly become victims of crime—and ordinary people who inadvertently become perpetrators by turning a blind eye to justice.

2PM’s Taecyeon stars in the drama as Ryu Sung Joon, a detective in the violent crimes unit who is dangerously passionate about his work, while Ha Seok Jin plays his older brother Ryu Sung Hoon, a genius judge who tries to remain as cold and logical as possible when making judgments. Apink’s Jung Eun Ji stars as Jo Eun Ki, a social worker who becomes entangled with the two brothers after being selected as a juror for a murder trial.


On the previous episode of “Blind,” Ryu Sung Hoon made up his mind to work together with Jo Eun Ki to clear his brother’s name after Ryu Sung Joon was falsely accused of multiple murders. However, their investigations took multiple unexpected turns: first, taxi driver Choi Soon Gil attacked Kwon Yu Na and left her for dead, but just as they began looking into the possibility that Choi Soon Gil was the culprit behind the attack on fellow juror Yeom Hye Jin, he himself was attacked by a mysterious intruder.

After carefully analyzing the sound of the intruder’s footsteps in the audio recording on Choi Soon Gil’s phone, the two brothers came to the conclusion that the man who attacked Choi Soon Gil must have been Ahn Tae Ho (Chae Dong Hyun), one of the other jurors in the Baek Ji Eun murder trial.

In newly released stills from the drama’s upcoming episode, Ryu Sung Hoon goes on the hunt for evidence related to Ahn Tae Ho—but the trail unexpectedly leads him into danger. When he arrives at a desolate area late at night, Baek Moon Kang (Kim Bup Rae)’s goons also turn up at the same time—and they look none too pleased to find him there.

Outnumbered and fearing for his life, Ryu Sung Hoon find himself at a loss for what to do—but just as it appears that all hope is lost, a mystery man in a helmet arrives to save the day, throwing himself into a dangerous fight with an armed Sergeant Koo (Jung Chan Woo).

To find out why the paths of Ryu Sung Hoon and Baek Moon Kang’s goons end up crossing, catch the next episode of “Blind” on October 7 at 10:40 p.m. KST!

In the meantime, watch Ha Seok Jin in “When I Was the Most Beautiful” with subtitles below:

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