6 Style Trends That NewJeans Is Bringing Back With A Fresh Take

One of the hottest fourth generation K-pop groups that’s making a splash since their debut is NewJeans, capturing the hearts of many with their talents and youthful energy. Everything they do becomes the talk of town: from their music and looks down to their style. Many style watchers notice that their fashion concepts are reminiscent of the perfect combination between Y2K and Gen-Z styles, but NewJeans is putting their own spin on these trends:

Sports jerseys

The NewJeans members are the new fashion MVPs with their cool, sporty looks for their debut music video for “Attention” and its performances. What made this oldie but goodie trend is that the stylist reworked some of the pieces into cropped tops and added details like cut-outs. The bright colors also work with the group’s vibrant personalities. Who knew that jerseys could look this cute?

NewJeans in jeans

Of course, for their namesake, jeans is definitely a fitting choice in the group’s fashion roster. Denim will never go out of style, and the members know how to keep their denim pieces minimal and classic with a touch of a few quirky details.

Y2K hair and fashion

For those who might not be familiar with Y2K hair, some of the most obvious determining factors are butterfly clips, hair tendrils and highlights, side braids, and colorful rubber bands. NewJeans is bringing these trends back almost as if they’re new!


As for Y2K fashion, this includes an aesthetic of eclectic, mismatched, and colorful styling that blurs the rules of fashion. Is it chic? Is it kitschy? It’s everything in between!

Pretty preppy

The schoolgirl look isn’t new in K-pop, but NewJeans is giving their own fresh take on it by combining their signature style of bold, fun fashion in the mix.

New “it-girl” makeup look

With their simple yet refreshing beauty looks, NewJeans is already attracting big brands like Chanel Beauty as well as top magazines like Elle and GQ to become the new faces to look out for. They’re changing the makeup style into more minimal yet eye catching looks that are both age-appropriate and easy for fans to copy.

One Korean beauty YouTuber explained in detail how the group has changed the game for K-pop girl group makeup. She noted that instead of going for the strong “girl crush” concept or the lovely feminine styles that can be seen in most girl groups, NewJeans kept their makeup simple with subtle yet stunning highlight points. Watch it below:

Healthy, natural hair

Normally in K-pop, you’ll often see bleach blonde or brightly colored, curled, uniquely cut hairstyles. But with NewJeans, they’re keeping it fresh and natural with long, straight hair. You have to see them in action to see how mesmerizing and refreshing this collective hairstyle is for the group! It wouldn’t be surprising to see them in a hair commercial one day!


Hey Soompiers! Which one of these NewJeans styles is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

DianneP_Kim is an English magazine and online editor based in South Korea. She is the author of a K-pop style book published by Skyhorse Publications, New York, including her second book, “BTS Bible.” Check it out on Amazon, follow her on Instagram @dianne_panda.

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