Korean Intellectual Property Office Denies HYBE's Request To Trademark V's

It has been revealed that the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) has rejected HYBE’s request to obtain trademark rights on the phrase “BORAHAE.”

The term “BORAHAE” was first spoken by BTS member V at a fan meeting in November 2016 and is used between BTS and their fans ARMY with the message, “Just as purple is the last color of the rainbow, I will trust and love you until the very end.” The phrase has since then become synonymous with BTS.

Back in September 2020, cosmetics brand LALALEES attempted to register for a trademark on the phrase “BORAHAE,” which was quickly followed by a large uproar. In June 2021, HYBE took action to have “BORAHAE” trademarked in order to protect the rights of its company and artists.

However, that request has been denied. In explaining their reason for denying the request, KIPO noted, “The term ‘BORAHAE’ is a new word invented by group member V (Kim Tae Hyung) at a BTS fan meeting on November 13, 2016,” and they stated that the application could not be accepted as it went against “the principles of good faith.”

KIPO pointed out that the individual entitled to the trademark is not Big Hit but rather V who first invented the phrase. They point out that Big Hit is not V and is rather a company that “has a partnership and employer-employee relationship with Kim Tae Hyung.” KIPO further explained, “The applicant (HYBE) is recognized to have applied for trademark rights even though they know that it is a trademark used by V.”

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