5 K-Dramas With Charming Good Boys Who Captured Viewers’ Hearts

Good boys are like jewels in K-dramas. They are the ones that everyone roots for to have the happy ending that they deserve. When a good boy is the main lead, it is literally a dream come true! More and more, there are dramas that have made fans’ happy fantasies a reality with their good guy characters. Take a look at these K-dramas that feature good boy leads!

River Where the Moon Rises

Set in the Goryeo era, peaceful citizen On Dal (Na In Woo) goes against his way of life when he meets ambitious Princess Pyeonggang (Kim So Hyun). She was raised as a soldier and plans to fight anyone who will hinder her path to becoming empress. In turn, On Dal feels compelled to protect the woman he loves through combat. “River Where the Moon Rises” is based on the Choi Sagyu’s novel titled “Princess Pyeonggang.”

On Dal is the ultimate sweetheart. He is determined to live at peace with everyone and enjoy a harmonious existence. On Dal’s humble nature warms the heart of the princess and has won viewers over too! His good character is apparent in everything that he does including being selfless to protect Princess Pyeonggang and others. He is one of the best historical characters to watch.

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Reply 1988

Sung Duk Sun (Hyeri) is surrounded by a lot of good guys in her 1980s neighborhood. Kim Jung Hwan (Ryu Jun Yeol), Sung Sun Woo (Go Kyung Pyo), Ryu Dong Ryong (Lee Dong Hwi), and Choi Taek (Park Bo Gum) are four of her best friends growing up. What is the best way to describe each one? The group comprises of a soccer enthusiast, a model student, the cultured nerd, and an expert go player, respectively. They all have fun and make lasting memories in high school together. However, the one Sung Duk Sun eventually married remains a mystery until the end of the series.

Fans of “Reply 1997” and “Reply 1994” were elated when another installment of their favorite K-drama series premiered in 2015. The show has a different set of characters and is set in a different year, but the romantic plot style remains the same. It’s always fun to guess which guy the leading lady chooses in the end. Duk Sun couldn’t lose with any of her choices because each character is such a good boy. They all excel in academics or show passion in their career paths, and the romance in “Reply 1988” is a dream come true.

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Be My Boyfriend

Famous trainee and high school senior Oh Ji Na (Lee Si Woo) is one of the most popular girls in her school. In order to get peace and revenge on her ex-boyfriend, she asks fellow student Lee Seung Min (Shin Hyun Seung) to enter into a fake dating contract with her. But Oh Ji Na never expects to fall for the good guy who is a grade below her.

“Be My Boyfriend” is a spin-off of the beloved web drama “Best Mistake.” The lighthearted plot is just right for when you want to watch a drama during the day or night. Viewers will easily be jealous of Oh Ji Na’s perfect boyfriend. Lee Seung Min is a great student who just happens to have a big crush on her. He highly values authenticity and integrity, and he feels like signing her dating contract breaks his moral compass. Their sweet relationship is one you can’t miss!

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Love Revolution

Based on Lee Yong Ka’s famous webtoon “Love Revolution,” high school student Gong Ju Young (Park Ji Hoon) experiences love at first sight when he meets Wang Ja Rim (Lee Ruby). She doesn’t immediately return his feelings, and despite his grand love confessions, her personality remains cold and aloof. Friends of both parties try to aid Gong Ju Young on his quest to win Wang Ja Rim’s heart.

Because Gong Ju Young is a typical good guy who doesn’t play mind games, he isn’t appealing to Wang Ja Rim. He is so straightforward with his feelings that he appears boring to her. “Love Revolution” turns the tables by making the leading lady the bad boy-like character in the series. Wang Ja Rim has the kind of personality that you might expect for a bad boy lead, and Gong Ju Young is all things good. Witnessing his swoon-worthy adoration of her is something you don’t want to miss. You will fall hard for Gong Ju Young well before Wang Ja Rim even considers him. He is the perfect high school boyfriend because he is completely honest!

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Young Lady and Gentleman

After being fed up with her family’s living situation, Dan Dan (Lee Se Hee) flees and gets hired as a nanny for Young Guk’s (Ji Hyun Woo) children. During her tenure, she helps him understand his children’s needs while falling in love with him. “Young Lady and Gentleman” seems to be loosely based on the 1960s film “The Sound Of Music.”

If you love the classic Hollywood sitcoms “Who’s The Boss” and “The Nanny,” this family series might just be your new favorite. Dan Dan forms a special bond with her employer and his sweet children. Young Guk is the ideal dad with his strict ways while also having a soft heart for his family. He’s an all-around good guy because of his squeaky clean image in the military, being chairman of his company, and his dedication to his first love. Young Guk remains honest to a fault! He is the kind of guy everyone would love and respect.

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Which good boy romance do you love the most? Is there a specific plot you adore? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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