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The saddest thing about watching new episodes of “Young Actors’ Retreat” is knowing that it is going to end very soon. Seeing all these actors together and becoming more themselves around each other has been such a highlight. It’s a show that can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Here are four moments from episode six that we can’t stop replaying in our heads!

1. Ahn Bo Hyun’s FIGHTING attitude while getting wet

When it’s Ahn Bo Hyun and Ji Chang Wook’s turn to sit on the flying chairs, Ahn Bo Hyun instantly gets a bucket of water dumped on his head. The cue is whenever Kim Yoo Jung touches her hat. Once everyone figures out the reason why he keeps getting water thrown on him, Kim Yoo Jung tries not to touch her hat but becomes frustrated with it as it is covering her eyes. Ahn Bo Hyun insists on her touching her hat, which she does while apologizing. His fighting spirit is hilarious to watch, especially with Kim Yoo Jung nearly in tears because she feels so bad!

Exactly my reaction watching: 

2. Hwang In Yeop asking Kim Yoo Jung to work together

As some of the actors are sitting in the flying chair, they are required to ask Kim Yoo Jung some questions. Hwang In Yeop mentions to Kim Yoo Jung that they should work together, and Kim Yoo Jung replies that she would love to work with him if the opportunity arises. It was a sweet and genuine moment that was quickly broken by Hwang In Yeop getting tossed into the water.

Hopefully we can see these two in a project very soon!

3. Park-Park Duo

After playing games in the water, everyone gathers to eat dinner back at the base camp. Park Bo Gum is the first to sit at the table, and shortly after, Park Seo Joon comes in. He sits down beside Park Bo Gum, and the two engage in small talk. As they continue to eat, the two start to talk more, and it’s adorable seeing them get closer together! One of the best parts of this variety show is seeing these types of natural interactions between actors that we normally wouldn’t see.

Park-Park for the win.

4. Kim Yoo Jung’s team playing the audio game

In this part of the episode, the teams play a guessing game where they are all wearing headphones with loud music. One team member has to mouth words related to the answer while another one guesses the correct word. Everyone is really hilarious in expressing their frustrations when their own team member can’t guess the correct answer. Kim Yoo Jung’s team in particular was on another level of entertainment. The characteristics of each of the members while trying to convey the answer was so hilarious.

With Kwak Dong Yeon getting frustrated at the producers for giving them hard words to Kim Yoo Jung and Chae Soo Bin getting completely different words in their answers – all of it had me rolling on the floor laughing.

Also, Park Bo Gum and Kwak Dong Yeon playing their own little audio game while waiting for their other members was hysterically adorable!

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