Watch: EXO's D.O. Is Hilariously Endearing Behind The Scenes Of

EXO’s D.O. and his fellow cast members show a new side of “Bad Prosecutor” in a behind the scenes video for the first two episodes!

“Bad Prosecutor” is a KBS drama about an ill-mannered prosecutor with delinquent tendencies who believes in fighting for justice by any means necessary. EXO’s D.O. stars as Jin Jung, the titular “bad prosecutor” who is determined to take down those that use wealth and power to live above the law.

Despite his character’s temperamental personality, D.O. was all smiles and laughs as he went about filming. During one late-night filming, D.O. can be seen practicing hard for a sword fighting scene, practicing first with a wooden sword. Later, when filming commences, D.O. lets out a startled, “Oh wait, this is real?! Please switch this out for the wooden sword!” quickly switching from a ruthless fighter to a cute and startled actor.

More chaos ensues as they continue filming the fight when D.O. kicks a metal pipe, only for it to go flying way farther than he had originally thought. A crash can be heard off screen, with D.O. then sheepishly realizing, “This will go flying if I kick it really hard,” and then proceeding to make sure that everything is safe and secure before going again.

Viewers are then taken behind the scenes to a shot with D.O. and Ha Joon as their characters get tangled up in an argument, resulting in D.O. hitting Ha Joon. After an awkward silence after the fake hit, D.O. is quick to rush to Ha Joon with an apology, the two of them and other cast and crew members bursting out into laughter.

Then it moves on to a scene where many of the drama’s actors come together for the first time, with D.O. engaging in conversation with Lee Si Eon while Lee Se Hee stands by his side. After the scene ends, Lee Si Eon shyly looks at the camera, not entirely sure what to do now that the official cameras have stopped rolling.

The video ends with some interviews with D.O. and Lee Se Hee, where D.O. admits, “Before I went to sleep, I was nervous and excited. But after actually coming out to the set, it’s been really fun,” and he expresses how he thinks the first day of filming went very well. Lee Se Hee expresses very similar thoughts, saying how she is the type to fall asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow but found herself up with a mix of nerves and excitement just like D.O. had been. “I’m excited to see how much fun filming will be,” she says enthusiastically.

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