So Ji Sub Describes The Difficult Start To His Acting Career, Why He Chose To Release Hip Hop Music, And More

So Ji Sub has spoken about his career, music, and blind dates on “You Quiz on the Block”!

On the October 12 broadcast of tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block,” So Ji Sub appeared as one of the guests. Host Yoo Jae Suk recalled that the actor used to compete in and dominate national competitions as a swimmer, of which So Ji Sub shared, “I swam until high school and ranked in No. 4 ahead of my last national championships in 12th grade. If I won a medal in this competition, then I’d be confirmed to go to college. Luckily, I placed in third.”

He continued, “I confirmed my college and was given three months of free time before enrolling, so I was thinking about what I should do. I had a friend who attended an acting academy and they suggested I become a model for jeans.” Yoo Jae Suk asked if it was true that top stars Won Bin and Song Seung Heon were also at this audition and So Ji Sub responded, “I don’t remember too well but Seung Heon told me that Won Bin was also there.”

So Ji Sub elaborated, “At the time that I debuted, the men who were the most popular were Jang Dong Gun, Han Jae Suk, and Song Seung Heon. They all had defined double eyelids and handsome faces. When I went to auditions, [they said] ‘You can’t.’ I heard a lot of the phrase ‘Don’t become an actor.'”

He added, “At first, it was really hard. When I began, it wasn’t like I had an aptitude for it. I was incredibly shy and found it uncomfortable to speak in front of others so when I said I was going to act, everyone around me said that I wouldn’t be able to do it for long.” So Ji Sub commented, “My first goal was to earn money as the head of the family. I wondered, ‘How will we eat and live?’ I had to become the breadwinner and lead [my family]. That’s why I pressured and blamed myself and I think that has remained until now. [The burden] has become lighter than in the past, but still.”

In 2008, So Ji Sub announced that he would be releasing a hip hop album, which he explained did not meet a very enthusiastic response from fans. He explained this decision, sharing, “There’s a very specific reason why I released an album. In a space to meet fans, I kept wanting to show something. However, greeting them with other people’s songs made me think, ‘I kind of wish this was my song.’ I began making my own songs because I like hip hop.” Smiling, So Ji Sub added, “At first, my fans had a hard time, but eventually, I think they began to pretend they enjoyed it.”

Regarding copyright fees that he earns from music, So Ji Sub revealed, “I went to the bank recently and tried getting it organized. In one month, I get about 15,000 won to 20,000 won [approximately $10 to $14].”

After, Yoo Jae Suk brought up that actress Jung Sun Hee had once set So Ji Sub up on a blind date with Hong Jin Kyung, who is a model, actress, comedian, and more. So Ji Sub explained, “This was when I was the sub-MC on a program with Jung Sun Hee. While talking about this and that, we shared our ideal types. Without mentioning who I was meeting, she said ‘let’s eat,’ so I went and [Hong Jin Kyung] was there. I don’t remember what happened after that. We didn’t even exchange phone numbers. I don’t even remember what we ate,” making the hosts burst into laughter.

It turned out that So Ji Sub named Olivia Hussey as his ideal type but Jung Sun Hee had thought he said Olive Oyl, a cartoon character from “Popeye,” which is why she introduced him to Hong Jin Kyung. During the broadcast, they were able to call Hong Jin Kyung who said to So Ji Sub, “Why don’t you answer Sun Hee’s calls? Sun Hee is not at fault. I pleaded with her to let me meet you once. I told her not to tell you I was coming. I unilaterally spoke a lot. You were very silent,” which made everyone crack up.

“You Quiz on the Block” airs every Wednesday at 8:40 p.m. KST. Later this month on October 26, So Ji Sub’s new film “Confession” will hit theaters. Check out the trailer here!

Watch So Ji Sub in “Oh My Venus” below!

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