So Ji Sub, Kim Yoon Jin, And Nana’s Upcoming Film “Confession” Introduces 3 Reasons To Anticipate The Premiere

The release of So Ji Sub, Kim Yoon Jin, and Nana’s upcoming film is just around the corner!

“Confession” is a story revolving around a suspect of a murder case and his lawyer as they uncover the truth behind the murder. So Ji Sub plays Yoo Min Ho, the president of a promising IT company who is the top suspect of a murder case. Kim Yoon Jin stars as Yoo Min Ho’s lawyer Yang Shin Ae who digs for the truth in order to keep her title as the lawyer with a 100 percent winning rate. Nana takes the role of Kim Se Hee, the person who holds the key to the truth.

Read on to find out three reasons to watch the film:

1. A case reconstructed based on the sharp dialogue between suspect and lawyer

The main pillar of the film is the conversation between Yoo Min Ho, who claims innocence, and Yang Shin Ae, a lawyer who reconstructs the case based on his statements. Yoo Min Ho reveals everything to clear himself of the false charge, and Yang Shin Ae reconstructs the case by filling in the holes found in his statement, creating tension in the story. Although all the evidence points to him as the culprit, Yoo Min Ho tries to take the lead in the situation, and Yang Shin Ae uses his psychology to devise a perfect scenario to prove Yoo Min Ho’s innocence and uncover the hidden truth. The tense psychological warfare and suffocating dialogue between the two are the pivotal points of the film, and every time lawyer Yang Shin Ae reconstructs the case, the audience will face a big turning point in the film.

2. Stand-out performances from the star-studded cast

So Ji Sub, Kim Yoon Jin, Nana, and Choi Kwang Il, who create the perfect ensemble together, will showcase exceptional acting synergy. So Ji Sub, who took on the challenge of a suspense thriller film for the first time, breathes life into the character Yoo Min Ho as he desperately works to clear himself of a murder charge and retrace the case. From emotional fluctuations to the movement of his eyes, So Ji Sub meticulously portrayed his character in great detail.

The queen of thrillers Kim Yoon Jin shows off her acting skills through her portrayal of Yang Shin Ae, a level-headed and competent lawyer. Kim Yoon Jin perfectly designed everything about her character ahead of filming including her emotions, the direction of her gaze, and her facial expressions that vary depending on the situation which will consistently provide audiences with a strong sense of immersion.

Nana, who is building up a solid background and filmography as an actress, plays Kim Se Hee who holds the key to Yoo Min Ho’s case. Nana will showcase her acting skills and new sides of herself through Kim Se Hee, who shows various faces and personalities in response to Yoo Min Ho’s statements.

Last but not least, Choi Kwang Il, who has a strong presence regardless of genre, plays Han Young Seok, who digs up another case. Choi Kwang Il, who has completely immersed in his character, will deliver intense suspense to the audience.

3. A well-made thriller that goes back and forth between thrills and twists

“Confession” is a well-made suspense thriller created by Realize Pictures Co., Ltd., which produced projects that surpassed 10 million moviegoers including “Masquerade” and the “Along with the Gods” series, and a veteran production team as well as the delicate and meticulous storyteller-and-director Yoon Jong Seok.

As the story unfolds in a limited space and set, the production team conducted both individual and group script readings over 10 times to grasp the actors’ movements, expressions, gestures, and tones of voices, and the team actively reflected those aspects in the scenario and storyline from the pre-production stage. In order to capture the chill in the winter air, they also put their hearts into selecting appropriate filming locations. To remove the warm feeling of hardwood furniture, the art team even used gray tone woods and cold-colored props to decorate the spaces.

The filming method gives the audience the feeling of watching from a close distance, while the lighting maximizes the unexpected turn of events and emotions by adjusting the color tone according to the speaker’s gaze. “Confession,” which took great contemplation and effort, will create greater immersion with an intense and realistic mise-en-scène and well-made production.

“Confession” will hit theaters on October 26. Check out the teaser here!

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