Watch: WINNER's Lee Seung Hoon Opens YouTube Account + Teases Guest Appearances By His Celebrity Friends

WINNER’s Lee Seung Hoon has launched his own YouTube channel!

On October 17 KST, Lee Seung Hoon uploaded his first video “I will reveal everything” to his new personal YouTube channel “This Seung Hoon, That Seung Hoon.”

He wrote in the video’s description box, “Hello, this is (idol, WINNER, YG TikToker, *and* YouTuber) Lee Seung Hoon. I’ve finally started a YouTube channel and I’m really nervous as I’ve prepared for a long time..! What more do I have to say?! Now, let’s meet every week with a video! They will be uploaded every Thursday at 6 p.m. (KST). Subscribe and like! Notifications too~ You all know, right?”

The video starts at a meeting for the new YouTube channel where Lee Seung Hoon is greeting his producers. The new producer makes everyone giggle as she explains, “My English name is Jenny…”

Lee Seung Hoon then addresses the gap between human Lee Seung Hoon and idol Lee Seung Hoon and agrees that it’s okay to reveal absolutely everything – including his bare face and messy room. He adds, “For starters, I’m closest with my members,” then struggles to name any other celebrities he’s friends with.

When asked if he’s close with AKMU’s Lee Chanhyuk, Lee Seung Hoon makes everyone laugh as he answers, “Well, we’re not exactly close.” He then talks about BLACKPINK’s Lisa, whom he’s filmed several TikToks with. He jokes, “[After filming the TikToks,] Lisa really takes credit for it.” Lisa responds in her own interview, “What?! I guess we can’t be close friends.”

After Lee Seung Hoon expresses his confidence in making short-form content, he explains that this content sells his imagination, rather than his image and shares, “My imagination is Song Joong Ki.” Lisa jokes, “[He is] just a scammer?” WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo then asks, “Why..Song Joong Ki?” A staff member explains that it means Lee Seung Hoon’s imagination is as good looking as Song Joong Ki and Kim Jin Woo responds, “Ah…what kind of garbage is that.” iKON’s Jinhwan then adds, “I think he’s a crazy person” while Donghyuk giggles in the background.

At the end, Lee Seung Hoon suggests, “wearing no makeup, I’ll go to SM [Entertainment].” When asked why on earth he would do that, Lee Seung Hoon makes everyone crack up as he answers, “I don’t know.”

Check out Lee Seung Hoon’s chaotic first YouTube video here!

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