A Quirky Romance Transcending Time And Space: 5 Reasons To Watch Seasons 1 & 2 Of “My Girlfriend Is An Alien”

The hit drama “My Girlfriend is an Alien” has recently returned with a new season!

“My Girlfriend is an Alien” is about alien Chai Xiao Qi (Wan Peng) from a distant planet. When she lands on Earth, she encounters the handsome perfectionist CEO Fang Leng (Bie Thassapak Hsu). Just as Fang Leng’s car is about to crash from an accident after he gets distracted by the supernatural phenomenon caused by Chai Xiao Qi’s arrival, Chai Xiao Qi uses her power to prevent the explosion, saving Fang Leng but inadvertently preventing herself from being able to return to her home planet.

The drama follows Chai Xiao Qi’s journey as she pretends to be a normal human being from Earth and gradually falls for Fang Leng, who also begins to reciprocate her feelings despite suffering from a strange amnesia-like condition that makes him forget the women he knows when it rains. Added to the fact that Fang Leng’s half-brother Fang Lie (Wang You Jun) begins to develop feelings for Chai Xiao Qi, viewers will be in for one exciting fantasy sci-fi romance adventure.

If you’re interested in binge-watching Seasons 1 and 2 together, here are four reasons as to why you should start now!

Warning: Minor spoilers below!

1. Undeniably unique characters

Season 1 has captivated many audiences overseas as a unique C-drama with an otherworldly setting and intriguing lead character Chai Xiao Qi, who is portrayed by the talented and lovely Wan Peng of “First Romance,” “Meeting You,” and “When We Were Young.” Chai Xiao Qi has another distinct trait that separates her from most drama leads, which is that she is an alien from outer space who is irresistibly attracted to male hormones.

Equally charming as the female lead is her counterpart Fang Leng who has a stern and cool personality. Fang Leng is played by Bie Thassapak Hsu who previously impressed in “Cinderella Chef.” Despite his nonchalant attitude, Fang Leng suffers from past trauma, leading him to forget his previous girlfriends whenever it rains.

2. Fantasy and sci-fi like you’ve never seen before!

Even from just the plot, it’s obvious that viewers are in for one wild sci-fi fantasy ride, and the drama does not disappoint with out-of-the-box elements. Our main lead is an alien like no other, having a plethora of extraordinary abilities including teleporting, “borrowing” clothes directly off mannequins (things are just different where she’s from), and even stopping time, just to name a few. The best part—Chai Xiao Qi also has an adorable turtle companion Xiao Bu (Chen Yi Xin) that you’re obligated to love!

Season 2 continues to explore the drama’s sci-fi theme with the bonus of even sweeter romance between the leads. Although we are left to expect a happily ever after following the first season, the sequel takes us on an unexpected twist by bringing us through a wormhole (the wrong one, unfortunately) and taking us back to 2018, a year before Chai Xiao Qi and Fang Leng meet and to a time where Fang Leng doesn’t remember Chai Xiao Qi at all! This starts the story of Chai Xiao Qi’s pursuit for her love all over again.

3. Strong chemistry & intense romance

The hilarious setting that Chai Xiao Qi can’t help but be physically attracted to Fang Leng’s male hormones is only possible through the strong chemistry between the leads. This helps to set the fast-paced romance between the leads, making for a believable couple with no need to question why the two fall in love.

There’s always just something so effortlessly romantic about the trope of the stoic CEO finding his one true love. Not to mention, Chai Xiao Qi’s natural bubbly, outgoing, and open personality is a perfect match to Fang Leng’s more reserved but delicate way of caring for his loved ones. I’ll just let these stills do the talking:

4. High quality production

Not only does Season 2 see a return of the star-studded cast including the main leads, but both seasons are produced by the same production crew that produced other popular C-dramas such as “My Amazing Boyfriend” and “When We Were Young.”

In terms of the star-studded cast, lead actress Wan Peng uses her cute and lovely personality to bring to life the innocent and quirky traits of an alien character who is just easy to love, while Bie Thassapak Hsu skillfully plays the part of an outwardly cold CEO while also subtly highlighting his character’s vulnerable and affectionate side.

In addition to Wan Peng and Bie Thassapak Hsu, Wang You Jun of “My Calorie Boy” and “The Heart of Genius” portrays the charming Fang Lie, depicting a different type of charm with his chill and fun attitude.

5. Comedy

“My Girlfriend is an Alien” starts with overall lighthearted tones that are sure to make you smile! Chai Xiao Qi’s confusion and hilarious misunderstanding of “earthly” concepts add an element of adorable comedy, while Fang Leng brings laughter with the nonchalant and cool way of resolving any hurdles he comes across (he literally diffuses a large-scale protest by his ex-girlfriends in one fell swoop, leaving the media speechless).

As the storyline of Season 2 starts with Chai Xiao Qi chasing after Fang Leng, more comedy elements have been added to the series. Chai Xi Qi tries everything to get Fang Leng’s attention. She ends up taking unconventional means such as by cosplaying a “ghost” to scare him in the garage and pretending to be a delivery worker to send all kinds of food and product to his office, which all created hilarious and memorable moments.

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Those in Southeast Asia can watch Season 1 here and Season 2 here.

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