EXO’s D.O. Is Left Stunned By Lee Se Hee’s Unexpected Strength In “Bad Prosecutor”

EXO’s D.O. and Lee Se Hee will go head-to-head in an unexpected way in the upcoming episode of “Bad Prosecutor”!

KBS 2TV’s “Bad Prosecutor” is a new drama about an ill-mannered prosecutor with delinquent tendencies who believes in fighting for justice by any means necessary. D.O. stars as Jin Jung, the titular “bad prosecutor” who is determined to take down those that use wealth and power to live above the law, while Lee Se Hee portrays Shin Ah Ra, a cool-headed and highly competent senior prosecutor with a tsundere personality.


In the last broadcast, Jin Jung and Shin Ah Ra were able to work together and get Kim Tae Ho (Kim Tae Woo) to confess his wrongdoings, after he had previously framed Jin Jung. The pair’s meticulous plan gave Kim Tae Ho no way out and Jin Jung refreshingly commented, “You’re done now,” getting viewers more excited to see his continued teamwork with Shin Ah Ra.

On October 24, “Bad Prosecutor” shared a look at Jin Jung and Shin Ah Ra’s heated judo match. Jin Jung holds onto Shin Ah Ra as he gives her clear, step-by-step instructions for self-defence.

Shin Ah Ra listens closely and follows his explanation perfectly, leading to Jin Jung being thrown to the ground. Shin Ah Ra’s unexpected attack leaves both of them in shock as Jin Jung quickly gets up like nothing happened.

While filming this judo scene, it’s said that D.O. and Lee Se Hee practiced together nonstop, showcasing their passion and dedication. Despite the scene being short, they continued to rehearse in order to master their realistic facial expressions and judo movements. After the successful filming, the two actors immediately began to laugh, leading everyone on set to join in.

The drama’s producers commented, “The fiery and passionate acting of Do Kyung Soo [D.O.] and Lee Se Hee, who do their best no matter the scene, will create a new chapter of comedy and present thrilling laughter. Following the proper and refreshing counterattack in Episode 6, please look forward to seeing how the chemistry of these two will unfold in Episode 7, which airs on October 26.”

The next episode of “Bad Prosecutor” airs on October 26 at 9:50 p.m. KST!

In the meantime, catch up with the latest episodes here!

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