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The day we’ve been dreading is finally here. The finale of “Young Actors’ Retreat” aired last week. The series was able to bring so much joy to fans’ lives as the stars were able to build relationships with each other while making us laugh. We will surely miss seeing this star-studded group of actors together, but let’s hope that they return for a second season!

Here are five highlights from the finale of “Young Actors’ Retreat”:

1. Seeing fan reactions of meeting the stars

When you have all these huge stars gathered in one area, it’s a given that fans will gather and get excited over the actors. While the guests are eating, the cast makes their rounds around the tables, greeting the customers and making sure that everything tastes ok. While eating, a lot of the customers’ jaws dropped at the sight of their favorite actors speaking with them. Some of the lucky customers even got their beers served and opened for them from the one and only Park Seo Joon. They were obviously thrilled!

2. “Itaewon Class” together again as one big happy family

One of the main reasons why the producers decided to do the food truck mission for this particular show was because the cast of “Itaewon Class” had made a promise to the public, saying that they would do a food truck event for their fans if they exceeded a certain percentage in ratings. Having gone far beyond those ratings, the producers thought this would be a great opportunity for them to fulfill their promise.

Seeing the “Itaewon Class” cast together making food for customers was the exact type of scene needed in this variety show. Especially with Ahn Bo Hyun being a part of the Dan Bam crew, it gave us all a bit of healing from his character’s villainous days from the drama. Their efforts in working together as a team were nothing short of genius, and it truly showed their chemistry as well as their trust for each other.

3. The actors sharing their food

After the day is almost done, the actors have become pros when it comes to making the food. They go around with their dishes and share it with the other actors, making it a touching moment. The reaction from all the actors trying each other’s food is so endearingly adorable. Their eyes widen, giving a thumbs up and showing their appreciation for the other team’s food.

The excitement and shock is evident by the look on their faces:

4. Surprise guests: Yoo Jae Myung, Jo Han Chul, and Yoon Kyung Ho

Although Yoon Kyung Ho had already paid a visit to the set a few episodes before, he returned at the end of the night along with Yoo Jae Myung and Jo Han Chul. All the actors had been a part of the cast in several of the K-dramas, making it a very special reunion.

You could really see the actors being touched and gaining some strength upon seeing their sunbaes coming to greet them. All of the teams provided the surprise guests with their delicious foods, making them feel comfortable and welcomed. It was especially adorable seeing Ahn Bo Hyun reunite with his “Itaewon Class” father Yoo Jae Myung!

5. Wrapping up + sad goodbyes

After the teams serve the last guest, they take photos of each other, showing their sadness that the show is completely finished. It seems that by the end of the day, the members have all become more relaxed and at ease about cooking and serving the guests. As the producers bring everyone together again to say goodbye for the last time, it proved to be an emotional moment.

All of the actors were able to share their highlights from the past few days that they spent together, revealing just how close the actors got to each other. While also providing clips from the past episodes, it made viewers feel very emotional and sad that that the series is now over. Hopefully we can see this group together again in the future!

Check out “Young Actors’ Retreat” if you haven’t already:

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