WJSN's Yeonjung Shares Her Experience Stepping Into The Spotlight In

WJSN’s Yeonjung came forward to talk all about her role in the musical adaptation of the highly-acclaimed drama “Crash Landing on You”!

The first performance of the musical took place on September 16 at COEX Artium, having amassed much excitement and anticipation after announcing the star-studded cast that includes WJSN’s Yeonjung, Lee Jang Woo, Lee Kyu Hyung, Lee Yi Kyung, and more.

The drama “Crash Landing on You” tells the story of a wealthy South Korean woman named Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin), who is forced to make an emergency landing in North Korea during a paragliding trip. There, she meets Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin), an elite North Korean officer in the military. They’re intertwined with characters Seo Dan (Seo Ji Hye), the fiancée of Ri Jung Hyuk, and Goo Seung Jun (Kim Jung Hyun), a rich and ambitious businessman who was once set to marry Yoon Se Ri.

In the musical, Yeonjung takes on the role of Seo Dan, the fiancée of Ri Jung Hyuk and owner of a luxurious mall in Pyeongyang.

“I had a good time watching the drama,” she shares. “I must have watched it at least three times.” She reveals just how elated she was when she received the offer to be part of the musical’s cast as Seo Dan, saying, “I like the Se Ri-Jung Hyuk couple, but I liked the story of Seo Dan and Goo Seung Jun even more, so I wanted to do really well [in this role].”

“Seo Dan appears cold, but she has an inner warmth and cute charm as well, so I wanted to express these characteristics well,” she says, adding with a laugh that she thinks she and Seo Dan are similar in the fact that they are both a bit naive and rather innocent when it comes to love.

Yeonjung also expresses her worries about having her character not being showcased to her full potential in the musical. “In condensing a 16-episode drama into a three-hour musical, I was worried that Seo Dan’s charming character wouldn’t be shown as well as it was in the drama. But after doing the performance, I came to realize that Seo Dan’s charm is so powerful that even if she appears only briefly, the audience is captivated,” she explains happily.

Yeonjung also praises the actors who play Goo Seung Jun: Tei, Lee Yi Kyung, and Han Seung Yoon. “They all have their own unique charms,” she says. “Tei gives a sense of safety and comfort, while Lee Yi Kyung gets really immersed in the emotional scenes. This is Han Seung Yoon’s debut work, and he sings so well that I started listening to him more from an audience member’s point of view.”

Just a month and a half after her last performance in the musical “Lizzie,” Yeonjung returned to the stage for “Crash Landing on You.” She reflected on the nervousness she felt in venturing out on such a new endeavor, feeling as though she were going back to the times where she was still a newbie in the entertainment industry.

“Since I’ve been going about the life of an idol for seven years, there are a lot of things that I’ve become used to. I’m no longer nervous for music shows or concerts like I was in the past,” she says. “But a musical is a different kind of job, and so I once again felt that nervousness one gets from being on stage even though it has been so long.” She adds, “It also gave me energy. We have to hold the audience’s attention for three hours. So feeling this nervousness and excitement intersect within this vivid set is really interesting.”

Ever since her time as a trainee, Yeonjung never received any formal education in acting, but now that she has taken part in musicals, she says that she wishes to study acting after her current project finishes. “I said that I would start taking acting lessons when my first musical was confirmed, but my company told me not to,” she says. “I was very anxious, but it turns out that acting in a musical is very different from media acting. Watching the more senior actors on set helped me a lot in learning and growing [as an actress].”

Yeonjung lastly expressed her desire to continue pursuing her work as both a singer and a musical actress, saying that the two roles are very different and that she doesn’t wish to let go of either. “The more I do acting, the more fun it becomes,” she remarks. “If I get the chance, I want to of course do more musicals as well as broadcast programs, movies, and all other types of acting.”

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