Watch: VERIVERY Has A Blast In Energetic And Dynamic Comeback MV For “Tap Tap”

Updated November 14 KST:

VERIVERY is back with new music!

On November 14 at 6 p.m. KST, VERIVERY returned with their new single album “Liminality – EP.LOVE” along with the music video for the title track.

“Tap Tap” is a bright and energetic song that mixes fancy hip hop beats with pop rock sounds. The song comforts the hearts of listeners through dynamic and enjoyable twists.

Check out the music video below!

Updated November 13 KST:

VERIVERY has dropped a highlight medley for their upcoming single album “Liminality – EP.LOVE”!

Updated November 12 KST:

VERIVERY has unveiled a batch of “SHY version” comeback teasers for “Liminality – EP.LOVE”!

Updated November 11 KST:

VERIVERY has dropped a music video teaser for “Tap Tap,” their upcoming title track!

Updated November 9 KST:

VERIVERY has released a lyrics spoiler for their upcoming comeback track “Tap Tap”!

Updated November 8 KST:

VERIVERY has dropped vibrant new solo and group teasers for their “Liminality – EP.LOVE” comeback!

Updated November 7 KST:

VERIVERY has released the track list for their upcoming single album “Liminality – EP.LOVE”!

Updated October 28 KST:

VERIVERY has shared an adorable trailer for their comeback with “Liminality – EP.LOVE” where the members each describe what they believe love is!

Updated October 27 KST:

After wrapping up their “SERIES ‘O’” earlier this year, VERIVERY is entering a brand-new era!

Check out the group’s colorful new teaser for their upcoming single album “Liminality – EP.LOVE” below:

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Mark your calendars for VERIVERY’s return!

On October 26 at midnight KST, VERIVERY surprised fans by announcing they would be making a comeback next month.

The group, who just wrapped up a 16-city tour of the United States and Latin America, will be returning with “Tap Tap” on November 14 at 6 p.m. KST.

Check out VERIVERY’s first teaser for “Tap Tap” below!

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