Hyeri Is Caught By Lee Jun Young In A Sticky Situation In

Get ready for another memorable encounter between Girl’s Day’s Hyeri and U-KISS’s Lee Jun Young!

“May I Help You?” is a new MBC drama starring Hyeri as Baek Dong Joo, a funeral director who grants the wishes of the dead, and Lee Jun Young as Butler Kim, who runs an errand service that starts at a cost of 100 won (approximately 7 cents) per job. Together, the two team up to make the wishes of both the dead and the living come true.


Previously on “May I Help You?”, Baek Dong Joo and Butler Kim initially disliked one another after getting off on the wrong foot. However, as they repeatedly ran into each other in a wide array of unforgettable situations, they began to grow on one another—and by the end of the second episode, Dong Joo had decided to change her mind about Kim.

In newly released stills from the drama’s upcoming third episode, Baek Dong Joo and Butler Kim share another hilariously unexpected meeting. After being hired to clear out the belongings of a deceased individual, Butler Kim is understandably shocked to find Baek Dong Joo hiding inside the closet while clutching a pair of shoes.

When someone else makes their way into the room, Butler Kim quickly shuts the closet door to hide Baek Dong Joo, adding a layer of suspense to an already unpredictable situation.

As it turns out, the reason Dong Joo has snuck into the late Seok Cheol’s home is that she’s on a quest to find the 100 million won (approximately $70,000) he hid away before his death. Because Seok Cheol wasn’t able to say his goodbyes to his family, they don’t know where the money is—and it remains to be seen whether Dong Joo will be able to successfully find and deliver the hidden cash to his loved ones.

The producers of “May I Help You?” teased, “In this week’s Episodes 3 and 4, an event will unfold that will lead to a decisive change in Baek Dong Joo and Butler Kim’s relationship.”

“Baek Dong Joo and Butler Kim’s alliance project will also begin in earnest [in the coming episodes],” they continued. “Please look forward to the fun and refreshingly original team play of these two problem-solvers.”

To find out whether Baek Dong Joo will be able to escape from the closet undetected, catch the next episode of “May I Help You?” on October 26 at 9:50 p.m. KST!

In the meantime, watch Hyeri in her previous drama “Moonshine” with subtitles below:

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