Park Eun Bin Shares What Keeps Her Going, Valuable And Beautiful Moments In Her Life, And More

Park Eun Bin has recently joined Vogue for a new pictorial and interview!

On October 27, Vogue revealed a stunning pictorial of Park Eun Bin with the theme of pink persona. In the pictorial, Park Eun Bin is wearing a kitsch pink outfit with dreamy eyes and eccentric poses. As a star who has lots of experience with photo shoots, Park Eun Bin showcases her mysterious yet unique loveliness as well as chic charms.

In the interview that followed her photo shoot, Park Eun Bin answered the question of why she continues acting. The actress replied, “When I was young, I was always worried about whether being an actress would fit my aptitude [because] there were a lot of talented and sociable people. But gradually, [I built up] a belief that even if people are introverted like me, they can bring more explosive power, and I think that kind of personality helped to keep me [acting] steadily. The reason why I was not burnt out early is probably because I have an innate resistance that keeps [my passion] burning steadily.

The last line of the final episode in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is, “My life is weird and strange, but it’s valuable and beautiful,” which still lingers in many viewers’ hearts. When asked about a moment that she felt “valuable and beautiful,” she brought up the story of her first fan meeting that was held recently. “The energy from the people looking at me with loving eyes really made me happy. People of all ages came, and it was very touching and moving as I realized that I had become an actress who is loved by so many people. Even then, I was in tears. (Laughs) I can’t always win their hearts, but I thought it would be nice if I could at least become an actress who is not shameful. It was an empowering, valuable, and beautiful moment [for me].”

Check out more dashing photos of Park Eun Bin below!

Park Eun Bin held her first Asian fan meeting tour “2022 PARK EUN BIN Asia Fan Meeting Tour ‘EUN-BIN NOTE: BINKAN'” on October 23, starting in Manila, the Philippines.

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