Little Dose Of Happy: 4 Reasons To Watch

Cheer Up” is the new rom-com series about a cheer squad on a college campus. The cheering squad is on the verge of breaking apart as the college continues to cut funding, which causes the team to work even harder. The stars of the show, Han Ji Hyun and Bae In Hyuk, are both a part of the squad and develop feelings for each other.

Here are the reasons why you should be tuning in to this series!

1. The adorable and talented Bae In Hyuk

Bae In Hyuk has come a long way in his career. Starting off in various web dramas, it didn’t take long for the actor to get lead roles. With his earlier memorable performances in web dramas such as “Triple Fling,” “XX,” and “Kiss Goblin,” Bae In Hyuk was very much sought after.

In “Cheer Up,” Bae In Hyuk plays Park Jung Woo, the captain of the cheerleading squad and one who is determined to make sure that it stays afloat. With the distractions of his first love, potential love interest, and a harrowing mystery that he is trying to unfold, this job is not easy.

Bae In Hyuk has the ability to show an intensity in the roles he takes on while also showing a soft side when it comes to his love interests. In “Cheer Up,” his various charms are easily seen, including his uncanny talent for energizing viewers with his cheers!

2. The infectious energy of Han Ji Hyun

Han Ji Hyun plays Do Hae Yi, a university student who is struggling to get by and be a student at the same time. She is trying to figure out how to provide for her little brother while also sorting through her feelings for Park Jung Woo.

Do Hae Yi is a complex character with many layers. Her character is so relatable in that she is going through a lot of life situations that come at her all at once. Feeling overwhelmed, she tries to make every day her best. Despite these realistic obstacles, Hae Yi has an infectious energy that can’t be denied. After having previous played a very mean character in the makjang drama “The Penthouse,” it was surprising to see Ji Hyun play such a different role. Her talent is exceedingly evident in this series, and it’s exciting to see!

3. The cute storyline

There’s nothing quite like seeing a cheerleading team try and do their best to keep their club afloat. These students don’t care about it at first, but seeing them develop relationships and realizing the value in this particular team is so healing to watch. On top of this team trying their best in all aspects of cheer, the love story between Hae Yi and Jung Woo is too adorable. The love in which Hae Yi has for Jung Woo is so heartfelt and endearing that it will remind viewers of innocent first love butterflies. Their blossoming romance is so sweet!

4. Rookie actor Kim Hyun Jin

“Cheer Up” welcomes Kim Hyun Jin into the K-drama world as this is his first starring role in a series. Kim Hyun Jin plays Jin Sun Ho, a bad boy who falls quickly in love with Do Hae Yi. He is willing to do just about anything for her, which ultimately even surprises himself as he has never bent over backwards for any girl. Although this is a common trope, it’s one that is bound to give butterflies to anyone.

Seeing the vast emotions that Kim Hyun Jin expresses as he goes through complex hardships will win your heart. This character and role has only proven that Kim Hyun Jin is going to have a promising career ahead!

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