The Multi-Talented D.O.: 7 Reasons Why We Love Him

Whether you’re a hardcore EXO stan or not, one thing can’t be denied – Do Kyung Soo aka D.O. is a multi-talented force in the industry. His growth from an idol to an actor and artist has been very impressive to say the least. His fans have thoroughly enjoyed and been proud of the steps he has taken. He’s the real deal, and here are seven of many reasons to love him.

1. He’s got the duality factor

One of the most charming aspects of D.O. is his ability to show so many different sides of his personality. He’s got the ability to turn on his cute side when on variety shows, and like a switch, he can also show his charisma as an idol.

Cute D.O.:


Smoldering D.O.:


2. He’s an incredible actor

Ever since D.O. took on that role of Han Gang Woo in “It’s Okay, That’s Love,” his career as an actor skyrocketed. People were able to see the natural talent of the idol, and it seemed as though the door of acting opportunities were wide open for him. The emotions that he was able to portray through this character was compellingly beautiful and moving.

Since then, he has taken on roles in various movies and dramas, even winning several awards. His latest acting endeavor was as the role of the ill-mannered prosecutor in the series “Bad Prosecutor.”

Watch episode 1 here:

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3. He’s amazing at putting on screen protectors

In an episode of “Knowing Bros,” D.O. was able to showcase his talent for putting screen protectors on phones. He was able to do it so flawlessly that the other cast members on the show were eager to ask him to do it for their phones. He complied and was able to do it for several of the cast members. It was hilarious at first, but it’s such a useful skill to have!

Check out the clip of his unique ability:

4. He has a charming personality that’s loved by everyone

D.O. has such a lovable personality that makes him popular with not only fans but also fellow celebrities! It’s known that D.O. is one of the many members of Jo In Sung‘s star-studded crew. After having met him on the set of “It’s Okay, That’s Love,” the two formed an unbreakable bond. Jo In Sung even went to EXO concerts to support the idol and was even seen holding up fan signs for him.

And if this wasn’t enough, it is also known that D.O. is good friends with singer-songwriter Zico.

5. He can’t use social media, and its adorable

D.O. does not have an official social media account that he manages. He had revealed that he is not good at it and does not understand how to do it. People would think that he would be good at it as he has so many other talents, but D.O. has continually insisted that it is not his thing. I totally respect this aspect of him and love him for staying true to himself!

6. He’s got an angelic voice

D.O.’s acting skills are so great that it’s almost sometimes forgotten that he was an idol first. When he appears on variety shows and starts singing, the jaw-dropping can’t be avoided. D.O.’s singing skills are so out of this world! In particular, “That’s okay,” the song he released right before he enlisted in the military, evoked some serious feels.

In case you forgot, have a listen:

7. He can tap dance

If it wasn’t enough that this idol could sing, dance, act, and put on a screen protector like no other, D.O. is also a skilled tap dancer. He actually took on the genre of dance when he was cast in the movie “Swing Kids.” The movie is set in a prison camp in South Korea during the war. He plays a North Korean soldier who falls in love with tap dancing and ends up meeting a group of people whom he shares his passion with.

Check out this clip of him tap dancing:

Watch D.O. in “Swing Kids” below:

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Hey Soompiers, are there any other reasons to love D.O. that we’ve missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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