“Seasons Of Blossom” Cast Shares Heartfelt Words And Bittersweet Goodbyes After The Show’s Finale

The cast of “Seasons of Blossom” shared their final thoughts and closing remarks as the drama came to a close.

Based on a popular webtoon, “Seasons of Blossom” told the story of the love and friendship of 18-year-old students at Seoyeon High School. The drama depicted the butterfly effect of a tragic incident six years ago as it began to affect the current teens living in the present.

Portraying the “teenagers from the past,” Seo Ji Hoon played Lee Ha Min, who appeared cheerful on the outside but could be quite cynical, while So Ju Yeon played the timid but strong Han So Mang. The “teenagers in the present” were Lee Jae Min (played by Kim Min Kyu), Seoyeon High School’s most popular student, Yoon Bo Mi (Kang Hye Won), the kind and pretty school queen, and Choi Jin Young (Yoon Hyun Soo), who looked tough on the outside but was unexpectedly kind.

Reflecting on his character Lee Ha Min, who seemed perfect on the outside but hid his own wounds and troubles on the inside, Seo Ji Hoon remarked, “Ha Min is someone whose life is very similar to many parts of our own lives, so I was able to really immerse myself in the role. There were also many sad things about [his story], so I felt sorry for him on an emotional level.”

Seo Ji Hoon also expressed his thanks to the viewers, asking them to look out for him in even better works in the future. “Please remember Ha Min for a very long time,” he said.

The character of Han So Mang was timid and appeared to have no friends, but in reality, she was a very honest and carefree girl. In playing this role, So Ju Yeon was the only actor who appeared in both the past and the present timelines, and she put on a stellar performance as her character changed and grew with the passing of time.

So Ju Yeon commented, “Out of all the characters I’ve played, I think [Han So Mang] carries the deepest sadness, but she also grew the most because of it. So even while we were filming, I really cherished and cared for So Mang, and she’s a character that I felt really attached to even after we’d finished filming and I watched the episodes as they aired.” She also expressed her thanks to all the viewers, asking them to rewatch the show whenever they think of summer.

Kim Min Kyu’s character Lee Jae Min was blessed with the good looks of a webtoon character and lived a seemingly perfect life. But he hid his true feelings behind the smile he constantly wore, and Kim Min Kyu gave a memorable performance as he expressed those hidden feelings.

“While filming ‘Seasons of Blossom,’ I worked with such great staff members and actors that I was always able to have a good time during filming,” said Kim Min Kyu. “This [drama] became a stepping stone that really allowed me to grow, and it will remain a fond memory of mine for a very long time.”

Kang Hye Won, who received much praise for her portrayal of Yoon Bo Mi, commented, “I was so thankful to be able to work with such great peers while filming, and I had so much fun. ‘Seasons of Blossom’ is the most memorable part of the year 2022 for me! Thank you for watching ‘Seasons of Blossom’!”

The character of Choi Jin Young was the “tough on the outside, soft on the inside” type, and Yoon Hyun Soo did everything he could to make both sides of his character shine on screen. “The time I spent playing Jin Young felt so short,” said the actor. “I think the reason it felt short because I was so attached [to the role] and I was so happy during that time. I’m so thankful to the director, the writer, all of the producers, all of the staff, and all of the actors; and I am also very, very thankful to the viewers who loved ‘Seasons of Blossom.'”

Finally, Oh Yoo Jin played Kang Sun Hee, who, despite her fiery attitude, harbored a very pure love for Lee Jae Min for six years.

“I was a huge fan of the original webtoon, so it was such an honor to be able to live out the dream of a fan by participating in this project! Because of that, I paid a lot of attention to staying as true to [the original version of my character] as possible, and I am so very thankful that [the viewers] liked the show. Thanks to [the viewers], I can also now send Sun Hee off happily. Thank you to everyone who loved ‘Seasons of Blossom’ and Sun Hee.”

“Seasons of Blossom” aired its final episode on November 2, and it will undoubtedly remain in the stars’ and fans’ hearts for a long time to come.

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