Watch: Girl Group Member Who Went Viral This Year Wows With Her Vocal Tone On

On the latest episode of “The King of Mask Singer,” the identity of “Generation MZ” was revealed!

During the November 6 broadcast of the MBC singing competition, four contestants continued their quest to challenge the reigning champion for his throne.


In the first match-up of Round 2, Generation MZ melted the audience’s hearts with a sweet rendition of The Classic’s “Lady in the Rainy Night.”

After praising Generation MZ for her gorgeous vocal tone, the panelists tried to figure out her identity, noting that Korean didn’t seem to be her native tongue. Rapper Layone guessed that she was Billlie’s Tsuki, while Lee Yoon Seok speculated that she might be NewJeans’ Hanni.

Generation MZ’s opponent ultimately won the round, leaving her behind to take off her mask and reveal her identity—and as Layone had guessed, she turned out to be Billlie’s Tsuki.

According to Tsuki, her main goal for her “The King of Mask Singer” appearance had been for no one to notice that she was a foreigner. “I guess it still shows a lot,” she remarked with a laugh, but the panelists reassured her that they hadn’t noticed right away. In fact, when Yoon Sang first suggested that she might have a foreign accent in Round 1, another panelist had vehemently argued that he was wrong.

However, Tsuki also had another goal in mind while preparing for the show: as the main dancer of her group, she wanted to shatter the preconceived notion that a main dancer wouldn’t be good at singing.

“As a main dancer, I’m usually in charge of the dance break or the chorus of a song, so I have less parts than the main vocalists,” she explained. “So I kind of wanted to show that I could sing like this as well.”

After the episode aired, Tsuki took to Billlie’s official Twitter account to share a photo that she snapped backstage with her mask. She wrote, “I appeared on the latest episode of ‘The King of Mask Singer’!!!! I wanted to show a new, different side of Tsuki’s charms. How did you like it~~???? I’ll always work hard, so please continue to give me lots of love and support.”

Watch the full episode of “The King of Mask Singer” with English subtitles below!

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