Namgoong Min, Kim Ji Eun, And More Share Gratitude For

The lead stars of “One Dollar Lawyer” have expressed their admiration for the drama in their closing comments!

SBS’s “One Dollar Lawyer” stars Namgoong Min as Cheon Ji Hoon, a lawyer who only charges an attorney’s fee of 1,000 won (approximately $0.72) despite his renowned skills. A hero who comes to the rescue of clients without money or connections, Cheon Ji Hoon isn’t afraid of facing off against the rich and powerful who use expensive lawyers to escape the law.

On November 11, the SBS drama aired its final episode and the five main cast members of “One Dollar Lawyer” shared their farewell comments.

In his lead role as Cheon Ji Hoon, Namgoong Min solidified his title as “the trustworthy Namgoong.” He commented, “To me, ‘One Dollar Lawyer’ is a project that’s like growing pains. I felt a lot while filming and felt a sense of responsibility for this project, so it was created while director Kim Jae Hyun and I relied on each other until the end. I also feel so grateful for my colleagues who trusted me and came running in an instant.”

He added, “In my spot, I am always silently thinking, ‘What can I do to showcase even better acting? What can I do to show an even greater project?’ and moving forward, little by little.”

Through “One Dollar Lawyer,” Kim Ji Eun earned praise from viewers who now refer to the drama as the actress’s rediscovery. She remarked, “It was a happy time to have been able to participate in a project I sincerely wanted to join from the moment I read the script, and that an actress named Kim Ji Eun was able to portray Baek Ma Ri. This was such a memorable set, to the point where I hope to work on it once again if the opportunity arises. Beyond from my career as an actress, this was a really memorable project to me as a person. That’s thanks to everyone who was with me on set.”

Looking to the future, Kim Ji Eun shared, “This was a period where I grew and learned as an actress. I will grow so that I can share everything I learned in this space through various projects and return even cooler.”

Despite kicking off the series as an apparent villain, Choi Dae Hoon surprised fans with his character Seo Min Hyuk who turned out to be sweet and lovable. He commented, “This was both a long and short period of time. I’m thankful we were able to finish safely, without any incidents. This was a time when I learned a lot and had a lot of realizations.”

Park Jin Woo shared, “Just as enjoyably as everyone watched, our set was a competitive set where you could find fun and touching emotions. I felt accomplished while filming, so I don’t think I’ll be able to forget [this drama].”

Lastly, Gong Min Jung remarked, “The period I got to work with directors Kim Jae Hyun and Shin Joong Hoon was so warm. I’m thankful to the screenwriter who created my character Na Ye Jin and I feel lots of gratitude for all the actors and staff members I worked with.”

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