9 Soothing K-Pop Songs To Listen To While Watching The Sunset

Sunsets are without a doubt a beauty to watch at the end of the day. Nature does its thing by painting beautiful scenery in the sky. And if you’re sunset-watching at a beach or lake, you get a bonus by enjoying its reflection in the waters. Now you’re thinking: Could this get any better? And the answer is, yes. With the right music in your ears, you can block the noise around you if you’re surrounded by people or noisy traffic. Furthermore, choosing the perfect playlist can set the right mood for you to fully immerse yourself in this magical view.

To help you savor this moment to the fullest, here are nine soothing K-pop songs to listen to while watching the sunset.

Red Velvet – “Hello, Sunset”

Watching the sun set while listening to a serenading song of the same name? Yes, please! Red Velvet serves a golden track to sing along to while losing oneself in the warm and colorful sight.

Epik High – “BRB”

If you want your sunset sighting to be more than just a still moment in time, make sure Epik High’s “BRB” is playing in the background. The track takes you on a trip where you look back on your life and decide to take a moment to recreate yourself and grow as an individual.

Hoody Feat. George – “Why”

Some people choose to let go of their heartache by getting lost in the charm of nature. Just like the sun takes its leave at the end of the day, this R&B hit shows the process one goes through to leave their feelings behind except that sometimes they painfully resurface the next day.


You know what’s better than watching sunsets alone? Watching them with a loved one. Def. has got your back with this enchanting ballad. The lyrics are basically a love letter, and their subtle rhymes can make the entire experience magical.

Davichi – “Sunset”

When you listen to a K-drama OST about an on-screen couple who are now united in real life, the feelings hit exponentially. Davichi’s songs always feel like a warm hug, and listening to this one while watching the sun fade is the exact warmth you need at that moment.

Nayeon – “Sunset”

This is another sunset-titled ballad, but the vibe is different. The feeling of yearning is strong in this one, and TWICE’s Nayeon sings it ever so beautifully. The lyrics tell of a love that is wanted in certain moments where it can’t be found like sunshine in the shade.


If you wish to watch the sunset at the beach but can’t, I have the perfect track for you. The soothing instrumentals enchant your auditory senses while the lyrics send chills down your spine. Meanwhile, your eyes are fixated on the horizon.

Wheein – “Make Me Happy”

This hypnotizing song by MAMAMOO’s Wheein sounds like she’s manifesting the type of love she’s longing for, and we’re here for it. Sometimes, all you need is a set of lyrics that remind you what you want most in life and what it takes to get it.

ENHYPEN – “Polaroid Love”

Ever thought of confessing your love to someone as you watch the sunset together? ENHYPEN’s “Polaroid Love” is your go-to background music. Just like the title, make sure to capture this heartwarming moment with a polaroid to remember while you let the song speak for you.

Which soothing K-pop song would you listen to while watching the sunset? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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