Reborn Rich” has just released a flood of new character stills!

JTBC’s upcoming drama “Reborn Rich” is a fantasy drama starring Song Joong Ki as Yoon Hyun Woo, a loyal secretary to a chaebol family. When he dies after being framed for embezzlement by the very family that he had faithfully served, he is reborn as the family’s youngest son Jin Do Joon, and he plots to take over the company out of revenge.

The new stills give viewers a first glimpse of the colorful group of characters. The photos introduce the members of the Sunyang Group family, the very people at the heart of Yoon Hyun Woo’s struggles and subsequent new life. They are all connected to Korea’s most affluent chaebol Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min) by blood or by other deals between the rich family and outsiders. This band of characters are portrayed by actors Yoon Je Moon, Kim Jung Nan, Jo Han Chul, Seo Jae Hee, Kim Young Jae, Jung Hye Young, Kim Hyun, Kim Shin Rok, Kim Do Hyun, Kim Nam Hee, Park Ji Hyun, Kang Gi Doong, and Jo Hye Joo.

Yoon Je Moon plays Jin Young Gi, the skilled, driven, and determined eldest son of the Sunyang group. Kim Jung Nan plays his wife Son Jung Rae, the daughter of a rich man. These two hold a very precarious position in the family fight that ensues to determine the successor of Jin Yang Chul succession of Jin Yang Chul. Stay tuned to see just how this couple will play their cards as things move forward.

Jo Han Chul plays Jin Yang Chul’s second eldest son Jin Dong Gi, and Seo Jae Hee plays his wife Yoo Ji Na, a woman from another affluent family. The couple have a dangerous glint to their eyes, as the competition they face with Jin Young Gi for ownership of the family’s wealth clearly ignites a fire within.

Outside of the chaebol family are the characters of Jin Yoon Gi and Lee Hae In, who are played by Kim Young Jae and Jung Hye Young respectively. As relatives of Jin Do Joon, they are outsiders of the Sunyang family and their relationship with Jin Do Joon will add a whole other dimension to the drama.

Next, there is Kim Hyun who will be playing Jin Yang Chul’s classy and dignified wife Lee Pil Ok. Beyond her warm smile is her prestigious title as Sunyang Group’s founding contributor, making viewers wonder just what her role in all of this will be.

Kim Shin Rok will take on the role of Jin Hwa Young, the spoiled only daughter of Jin Yang Chul, and Kim Do Hyun will play her husband Choi Chang Jae. Viewers can look forward to these two making quite the noise as they struggle to get out of the pre-set confines in which they live.

Kim Nam Hee will transform into Jin Sung Joon, the eldest grandson of Jin Yang Cheol and the “crown prince” of the Sunyang Group. Park Ji Hyun will play Mo Hyun Min, the daughter of a newspaper owner who is marrying Jin Sung Joon more so for power than out of love.

Kang Gi Doong will play Jin Do Joon’s older brother Jin Hyung Joon who will surely steal your attention with his visuals and unique energy. Finally, Jo Ye Joo plays Jin Ye Joon, the “Paris Hilton” of Korea who will mix in a whole new kind of tension to the plot.

“Reborn Rich” will premiere on November 18 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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