Idols Cheer On College Entrance Exam Takers As They Also Gear Up To Take The 2023 CSAT

Many celebrities are taking this year’s College Scholastic Ability Test (hereafter CSAT)!

South Korea’s annual college entrance exam takes place on November 17 this year. Although some celebrities opted to not take the CSAT this year, Kep1er’s Seo Young Eun and Huening Bahiyyih, Weeekly’s Lee Jaehee, EPEX’s A-Min and Baekseung, GHOST9’s Lee Jin Woo, BAE173’s Nam Dohyon, Bit, and Doha, DKB’s Harry June, as well as ATBO’s Jeong Seunghwan, Kim Yeonkyu, and Won Bin were all confirmed to take the 2023 CSAT.

Kep1er’s Seo Young Eun shared on her way to take the exam, “Since it’s my first and last CSAT, I’m very nervous, but I’ll do a good job to the extent of how much my members and Kep1ian (Kep1er’s fan club) cheered me on. Thank you.” For the other examinees, Seo Young Eun encouraged, “Everyone must be very nervous, but let’s take strength together, and I hope you all see great results! Thank you. Hwaiting!”

Fellow Kep1er member Huening Bahiyyih shared, “It’s my first time taking the CSAT, so I’m very nervous, but I’ll do my best on the test. Hwaiting! To all the other students taking the test, hwaiting!” Huening Bahiyyih also revealed that Kep1er’s youngest member Kang Ye Seo packed her lunch but told her it would be a surprise.

Ahead of the CSAT, EPEX’s A-Min shared, “I have seen my friends concentrating on their studies while I have also been carrying out my studies and music promotions. I hope all the test takers taking the CSAT see good results, and I will also do my best.”

EPEX’s Baekseung remarked, “Personally, I sincerely think all the test takers who prepared for the CSAT worked really hard and are awesome. I also felt that my friends were amazing while watching them preparing for the CSAT at school. I will also take the exam seriously with my friends who prepared for this year’s college entrance exams together. I will cheer for everyone to receive good results.”

GHOST9’s Lee Jin Woo also cheered on the other test takers while heading toward his exam.

The ATBO members cheered on Jeong Seunghwan, Kim Yeonkyu, and Won Bin by preparing delicious lunch for the 04-liners. The menu consists of bulgogi, rolled omelet, and sausage and vegetable stir fry!

Ahead of the CSAT, DKB also wished all the students taking the test good luck including their youngest member Harry June! He confidently cheered, “Everyone, hwaiting!

BAE173’s Bit and Doha also shared their resolve ahead of taking the test on the group’s Twitter page. Nam Dohyon, who is temporarily on hiatus due to health concerns, is taking this year’s CSAT, as well.

The Weeekly members also took to Twitter to share the lunch they prepared for their member Lee Jaehee!

Good luck to all the students taking today’s exam!

Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews

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