Watch: Jung Yong Hwa, Cha Tae Hyun, Kwak Sun Young, And Ye Ji Won Introduce Their Roles At 1st Script Reading For Upcoming Drama

KBS2’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “Brain Cooperation” (literal title) shared a look at the drama’s script reading!

“Brain Cooperation” is a brain science comedy investigation drama about two men who desperately want to kill each other as they collaborate to solve a crime case involving a rare brain disease. The drama will deliver laughter and touching messages as neuroscientist Shin Ha Ru, who possesses a very special brain, works together with detective Geum Myung Se, who has a pushover brain, showcasing explosive chemistry in the process.

CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa’s character Shin Ha Ru is always busy either complimenting himself as Korea’s top neuroscientist or screaming curse words at the top of his lung. In the script reading video, Jung Yong Hwa introduces his role in greater depth, sharing, “He’s a character who doesn’t give two cents about what others think of him. He’s charming in a way that he always says whatever he wants and does whatever he feels like doing.”

Cha Tae Hyun will be taking on the role of the fatally kindhearted detective Geum Myung Se who possesses an altruistic brain. The actor comments, “Geum Myung Se can’t turn a blind eye when he sees a weaker person. Helping people is a huge part of his daily life,” before comically adding, “Personally, I myself am not that kind of person. But then again, [even if I was], how can I say so with my own mouth?”

Kwak Sun Young will be making a transformation into Seol So Jung, a Forensic Hypnosis Investigator who has a timid brain. Kwak Sun Young explains, “Seol So Jung is more sensitive to stress than the average person, and she hates that. While she was thinking of changing her personality, she experiences a situation that completely flips her personality.” Meanwhile, Ye Ji Won will be playing Geum Myung Se’s ex-wife Kim Mo Ran who has a brain with excess sexual drive. The actress takes the time to give more hints about the drama as she shares, “In each episode, there will be different main figures appearing. Some stories will be amusing, entertaining ones, while others will resonate with the viewers.”

On top of that, veteran actors such as Jung Dong Hwan, Woo Hyun, Kim Soo Jin, and Im Chul Hyung will also add more flavor to the drama with their detailed acting and strong presence. With his distinctive gentle voice and sincere eyes, Jung Dong Hwan will embody the role of Hwang Dong Woo. Woo Hyun is expected to bring bursts of laughter to viewers with his delicate portrayal of the sensitive and emotional head of the neuroscience team Kim Gil Joong, a man who is currently undergoing andropause.

Kim Soo Jin will appear as Shin Ji Hyung, the only blood relative and aunt of Shin Ha Ru who always worries about Shin Ha Ru with her calm demeanor and warm eyes. Lastly, Im Chul Hyung will take on the role of Park Chi Guk, the head of the Brain Science Research Center who is excellent at observing people’s psychology and reading the room because he owns a “political brain.”

At the end of the video, unlike other actors who ask viewers to anticipate the upcoming drama, Cha Tae Hyun just turns on his jokester side and says, “Jung Yong Hwa has the hardest, most complicated role. So basically, we’ll do well if he does,” and laughs as he jokes, “If the drama does well, it’s thanks to him. If it doesn’t, it’s his fault.”

Check out the behind-the-scenes video of the script reading below!

Samhwa Networks, the production company remarked, “As ‘Brain Cooperation’ is the nation’s first brain science comedy investigation drama about solving crimes through the cooperation between neuroscientists and detectives, we are sure it will deliver a unique and fresh appeal as well as delight to viewers. In the first script reading, the actors have raised expectations of the drama’s quality with their perfect acting and chemistry with each other.”

“Brain Cooperation” is set to premiere in January of 2023.

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