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The main cast, director, and writer of “Fanletter, Please” sat down to chat about the show before its premiere!

MBC’s “Fanletter, Please” is a four-part romantic comedy series about an actress who faces the biggest crisis in her life in the entertainment industry and a man who has to protect his daughter’s pure heart by writing fake replies to her fan letters. Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung stars as A-list actress Han Kang Hee, while Yoon Bak stars as Han Kang Hee’s first love Bang Jung Suk, a devoted single father whose young daughter is battling leukemia.

Stars Yoon Bak and Sooyoung as well as director Jung Sang Hee and writer Park Tae Yang each took turns introducing the most fun and memorable parts of the drama, giving more hints to viewers to get them excited for the premiere.

Sooyoung chose the romance that is blended into the plot line as well as the bond between father Bang Jung Suk and his daughter Yoo Na as things that viewers definitely should look out for. The complex relationship between Han Kang Hee and Bang Jung Suk that plays off of the emotions of a first love long ago as well as the awkwardness and uncertainty in meeting again years later contrasts greatly with the loving father-daughter relationship between Bang Jung Suk and Yoo Na. “Every time I read the script, I feel comforted, I cry, and I laugh. I hope that these feelings can be conveyed well to the viewers,” she said.

Yoon Bak’s character Bang Jung Suk is a man willing to do anything so long as he can see his daughter smile and be happy, being described lovingly as an absolute fool for his little one. It is this lovely, precious, and cute charm that is unique only to “Fanletter, Please” that the actor chose to highlight.

“It’s a cute and lovely drama that you don’t have to think too hard about,” he explained. “Think of it as a way to end your day feeling relaxed while you look after my beautiful daughter Yoo Na,” he added. “I think you can enjoy ‘Fanletter, Please’ with a smile that will grow bigger and bigger.” He also pointed out the advantages of this series being only a four-part series, noting how viewers won’t have to wait two months waiting for each new episode to air. Instead, the series will wrap up within just two weeks.

Director Jung Sang Hee described the drama as a drama that “is like a close friend that makes you feel better just by being together.” He expressed his hopes for the drama and its viewers, saying, “I hope that this can be a drama that is considerate of viewers who watch [dramas] in detail and can remind them of happy memories and cheer them up.” He was sure to emphasize the amazing acting skills of Yoon Bak and Sooyoung, as well as child actress Shin Yeon Woo who plays Yoo Na, saying that viewers will hardly even notice that 60 minutes have gone by as they get absorbed in the show.

Lastly, writer Park Tae Yang delved a bit deeper into the show’s characters, describing Han Kang Hee as “someone who can’t sleep at night just because one person spoke badly of her even when 99 others praised her.”

“When she meets Bang Jung Suk, she begins to change. To anyone who has similar worries or who wants to support someone who may be like that, I want to recommend [this series].” The writer also let viewers in on a little secret, saying, “Fans’ letters appear often in the series. There is always a fan letter at the center of what’s going on, and it goes to such an extent that it seems like each fan letter has been given its own character. It can cause trouble, can cause the main character to suffer, or can make them happy. When a fan letter appears, if you follow along thinking about what kind of character it will be, I think you will be able to enjoy the series.”

The writer’s favorite fan letters are Yoo Na’s letter in episode 1 and the last fan letter in episode 4. “If you want to know why I chose these two letters, you can find out by watching the series.”

“Fanletter, Please” premieres on November 18 at 9:50 p.m. KST. Check out the latest teaser here!

Until then, watch Sooyoung in “If You Wish Upon Me” on Viki!

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