SEVENTEEN's Jun Dishes On His New Single, Choreography Challenges, Love For Hot Pot, And More

SEVENTEEN’s Jun sat down with Allure Korea for a short interview after partaking in a photo shoot for the magazine’s December issue!

Jun starts off the interview talking about his and the other SEVENTEEN members’ decisions to renew their contracts. “I’m very pleased with the contract renewal,” he says. “I think it was a really good decision. It’s good that we go and cheer for each other’s personal activities even while we’re doing activities as a group. And it’s really great because we’re able to meet Carats (SEVENTEEN official fan club) again as well. I can see that the members are growing more self confident and that they are feeling happier.”

He then launches into talking about his newly released single “LIMBO.” He expresses his happiness in being able to share a performance video and choreography video with fans, sharing his hope that despite the hectic tour and scheduled activities, an opportunity to show off his solo performance might be coming at some point.

“LIMBO” is a product of Jun’s sincerest hard work and effort, and he comments, “I think it’s better to just not do something if you’re not going to put in 100 percent to prepare it. To be honest, I was preparing performance songs since two years ago, and as I was doing so, there were a few songs that fell through. I wasn’t really happy with them, so that’s why ‘LIMBO’ was able to come out only now.” He also adds happily how he has noticed his self-confidence growing and adds with a laugh how his abs have also been growing due to all the exercising he has done during his preparations.

He also explains how the choreography is a much softer genre compared to the dancing he is used to. “Ever since my trainee days, I thought that my biggest strength was my power. So when I was doing ‘LIMBO,’ I conferred with my instructor and purposefully took away a lot of that power.” He cites lots of practice as his means of being able to pull off such a drastic change in choreography style, saying that it was much harder than what he was used to.

“As soon as the music video came out, I was so embarrassed because the members talked a lot about my abs,” he recalls with a laugh. He explains how the concept behind “LIMBO” is his favorite part, saying how it is the bridge that ties together the song and the visuals. He goes on to explain how he referenced the movies “Twilight” and “Inception,” the line, “A Dream in a dream,” coming out of a conversation he had with another composer about “Inception.”

He says he is spending his time well, filling his schedule with group activities as well as his own personal activities on his rest days. “I don’t really like taking long breaks. It’s okay if I just take a vacation for about two days. If it’s longer than that, then I get anxious.”

Expanding further on how he spends these short periods of rest, Jun shares how he loves to go to restaurants that serve Chinese cuisine, revealing how he went to go eat hot pot at every single city they stopped at during their world tour. “I want to recommend skewer hot pot,” he’s sure to add.

To him, food is an essential part of life. “In China, the four most important things are food, clothing, shelter, and transportation. So one fourth of your life is food. As we live our life, a majority of our time is spent eating food. So rather than just eating things half-heartedly, I like eating well when I have the time. That’s why I like cooking too.”

“By the time this interview comes out, I think we’ll be on our dome tour,” he says when asked about the end of the year. “It’s a very meaningful concert. We have been planning it since way long ago, but of course we had to postpone it for two years because of the situation. Because there was a lot of disappointment then, it feels even more precious now. I don’t know now exactly how that will feel, but when Allure Korea comes out, I’ll know. Being able to receive so much love overseas is always so interesting and something I’m very thankful for.”

The full interview is available through the December issue of Allure Korea.

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