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In a recent interview and pictorial for Dazed Korea magazine, Bae In Hyuk dished on his hit drama “The Queen’s Umbrella” and more!

Bae In Hyuk recently made a brief but memorable appearance in the popular historical drama “The Queen’s Umbrella,” where he played the crown prince.

When asked about his experience filming the drama, Bae In Hyuk recalled, “I think there were lots of days when I only slept one or two hours before going to the filming set. Because I was filming the drama ‘Cheer Up‘ and the movie ‘Ditto‘ at the same time.”

“Since the crown prince was sick, most of my scenes were lying down,” he continued. “It was to the extent where there were days when I spent the entire day just lying down on set.”

Bae In Hyuk also spoke enthusiastically about working with veteran actresses Kim Hye Soo and Kim Hae Sook.

“Even though they’re actresses with untouchable auras, they approached me and struck up conversations first so that I wouldn’t feel awkward,” he revealed.

He went on to share a cute anecdote about his on-screen mother Kim Hye Soo, recalling, “Even outside the filming set, she called me ‘son,’ and she made me feel really comfortable.”

When asked how it felt to be 25 years old (by Korean reckoning), Bae In Hyuk remarked, “When I used to hear the phrase ’25 years old,’ I felt like that sounded like a true adult. In my middle and high school days, my impression of people in their twenties was monochromatic: mature and all grown up. People who [were old enough to] know exactly what to do and briskly solve problems as they arose.

“But now that I’ve become 25 years old, it doesn’t feel that different from when I was in high school,” he noted. “And I don’t actually feel all that grown up either.”

Bae In Hyuk has recently played a number of characters who were all coming of age in different ways: Sun Woo in “My Roommate is a Gumiho,” Soo Hyun in “At a Distance, Spring is Green,” Yoon Sang in “Why Her?”, and—most recently—Jung Woo in the currently airing drama “Cheer Up.”

“Although they’re all similar ages, each is a very distinctive, fleshed-out character with his own specific life and circumstances,” commented the actor.

As for which character is his personal favorite, Bae In Hyuk shared that he can’t quite get over his “Why Her?” character Yoon Sang.

Explaining that he still has regrets about his acting in the drama, Bae In Hyuk confessed, “Although I gave each and every one of those roles lots of love and attention, I think I have the most lingering regrets about Yoon Sang from ‘Why Her?’, so I feel the most fond of that character. I want to try playing him one more time.”

Bae In Hyuk’s full interview and pictorial can be found in the December issue of Dazed Korea magazine.

Watch Bae In Hyuk in his latest drama “Cheer Up” with subtitles here…

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…or watch him in “Why Her?” below!

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