Watch: Go Soo, Heo Joon Ho, And Lee Jung Eun Inspect Something Mysterious In New

The second teaser for “Missing: The Other Side 2” has finally been released!

“Missing: The Other Side” is a mystery fantasy drama about a village inhabited by the souls of people who went missing while they were alive. After two years, the series is returning for a second season with Go Soo, Heo Joon Ho, Ahn So Hee, and more reprising their roles.

The teaser opens on a shot of Kim Wook (Go Soo) and Jang Pan Seok (Heo Joon Ho) staring intently at something, and their foreheads are beaded with sweat as their faces are illuminated by the flickering candlelight. They speak cryptically to one another, with Kim Wook asking, “Do you see it?” and Jang Pan Seok replying, “No.” The two go back and forth, with Kim Wook insisting that something must be there and Jang Pan Seok refuting. Eventually, Kang Eun Sil (Lee Jung Eun) comes up behind them, takes one look at whatever it is the two men are scrutinizing, and easily points out, “It’s right here.”

To everyone’s surprise, the thing Kim Wook and Jang Pan Seok are agonizing over is merely a hidden picture puzzle, but there is something odd about this particular puzzle. The teaser ends with a shot of a supermarket that eerily resembles the one in the drawing, leaving viewers to wonder what the meaning behind this could possibly be. But the tense atmosphere is quickly broken, with Kang Eun Sil exclaiming, “This is fun. Let’s do another one!”

Watch the teaser here!

The second season of “Missing: The Other Side” will premiere on December 19 at 8:50 p.m. KST! Watch another teaser here.

In the meantime, start watching Season 1 with subtitles below:

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