9 K-Pop Songs That Feel Like Warm, Comforting Hugs

The weather is getting chilly with every passing day, meaning we should stay warm and cozy as we go through it. Sweaters, hot chocolate, and fireplaces aside, music can also provide that cozy feeling for our souls. And nothing says solace like a song with comforting lyrics or a heartwarming melody. And if we’re lucky, we stumble on a song that has both.

To those having a hard time or if you simply need a virtual embrace, here are nine K-pop songs that feel like warm, comforting hugs.

Lee Hi – “HOLO”

Being lonely is a situation that almost nobody likes to be in, especially after a breakup. But as Lee Hi so beautifully puts it, loneliness can persist even when we’re with someone, and it will fade away eventually so we must focus on ourselves. Consider this song your self-love reminder and solitude comforter.

TXT – “Free Falling”

There are times when darkness can crowd our minds and taint our lives, and fear often follows. TXT seems to have an idea of what that’s like as they vividly describe it in their lyrics. Nonetheless, they also provide the antidote: trusting oneself and making up your mind to break the cycle is how you set yourself free.

BLACKPINK – “The Happiest Girl”

If you’re more used to BLACKPINK’s fast-tempo bops, you might have forgotten that they also have slow songs as well. In this English track, the quartet takes on heartbreak with a positive attitude, choosing their happiness over staying in a toxic relationship. So if you’re experiencing something similar, perhaps this one will give you a boost.

SEVENTEEN – “Kidult”

SEVENTEEN sheds the light on a detail that most adults ignore or are unaware of: our inner child. Through reassuring rhymes, the group addresses their inner child, telling them that everything is okay and that they should be themselves at all times. This sounds like a self-validating message that every person should live by as they heal from their childhood and grow as adults.

Red Velvet’s Wendy – “When This Rain Stops”

If hugs were a song, then Wendy has served us the perfect one. The singer touches on many things in life that can be overwhelming such as loneliness, mental health, and exhaustion. Per her words, when these events pile up, it’s okay to take a break, follow with a deep breath, and then get up again to find the light once the rain stops.


When nostalgia gets the best of us, nothing helps calm it down like browsing old photos, letters, or anything that helps subdue that feeling. (G)I-DLE serves us a spot-on song that shares the same idea: focus on the smiles, the funny faces, the cherished memories, and the overall good vibes.

BTS’s RM with Kim Sawol – “Forg_tful”

The current world we’re living in is so fast-paced that we can’t keep up at times. Enter brain fog here and there, which happens to be pretty common nowadays. RM justifies it by the fact that his mind is so swamped with thoughts that he has little memory left. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Next time you forget something, listening to this duet will remind you that you’re not alone.

SuperM – “Better Days”

If you’re looking for someone to tell you that things will get better, here are seven people who will tell you just that and much more. SuperM sends messages of hope and encouragement in this English-language ballad as they turn the listener’s focus to rising from hardships like a phoenix does from ashes and expecting a brand new day soon afterwards.

Stray Kids – “Sunshine”

This optimistic jam is a literal ray of sunshine. When everything seems to be weighing you down, Stray Kids has got your back. Their advice is simple and efficient: when things around you become burdensome, ignore the noise, close your eyes, and liberate yourself. And you can’t forget their calming vocals, which make this song a recipe for healing.

Which K-pop song feels like a warm and comforting hug for you? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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