7 K-Pop Songs That Provide Healing Through A Breakup

Do you ever want someone to understand your broken heart in the midst of a breakup? The beauty of K-pop is that the variety of songs addressing the end of a relationship is endless. Many artists such as AleXa, SuperM, Jeon Somi, and more have explored the struggles of relationships in their music. Here are some that might even provide healing if you’re going through a breakup.

AleXa – “TATTOO”

If you are in the first stages of a breakup, the pain is real and difficult to overcome. AleXa’s song “TATTOO” explains those emotions in a raw and honest way, and if you’re dealing with a new heartbreak, this contemporary R&B song is the perfect medicine to listen to.

SuperM – “Wish You Were Here”

It’s normal to miss a significant other right after a breakup. Through this pop single, SuperM gives listeners a chance to be in the moment and to not rush the road to healing. “Wish You Were Here” is all about longing for a loved one and having moments full of memories. Just listening to this song brings the healing vibes.

IU – “eight (Prod.&Feat. BTSSuga)”

After a breakup, everyone is free to hold on to the beautiful memories of the past. IU’s comforting pop rock song “eight” is full of nostalgia as it recounts special memories of someone in their late 20s. Though this song isn’t necessarily about romance, it reminds us to start healing by using the good times as encouragement for a bright future ahead.

DRIPPIN – “Nostalgia”

This electronic dance single follows the same pattern of IU’s “eight” as it contains the message of longing for happy memories of the past. Like the song mentions, we may want to return to the time of elation before the breakup. However, a focus on the positive lets the healing in, and there can always be happy moments with someone new.

Jeon Somi – “Anymore”

Sometimes a good cry is the best way to refresh after a breakup. Jeon Somi’s “Anymore” allows listeners to feel the pain of breaking up through its lyrics about heartache and missing a significant other. A sad ballad in the form of a perfect pop song, the lyrics might just help with the slow healing process.

Park Jin Young & Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In – “Someone else”

Sometimes the best music medicine is fantasy. “Someone else” is all about two exes unable to forget each other. When you can’t seem to erase the memories, imagining that ex wants you back can be a fun distraction for a short time, and this R&B ballad helps to make the fantasy seem real.

Ailee – “I will show you”

A breakup can also mean that there is an exciting path ahead. Aliee’s “I will show you” is about transforming into the best version of yourself and moving on after the end of a relationship. This disco rock single shines brightest through its upbeat tune and commanding lyrics. Human empowerment is everything!

What song gets you through a breakup best? Do you have a particular artist who always mends your broken heart? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

KMoody is a Soompi writer who is a longtime Korean drama fan. Her favorite dramas include “Boys Over Flowers,” “Dream High,” and “Love Alarm”! For more information about her personal and professional writing journey, follow her on Instagram at BTSCelebs.

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