Cha Seo Won And Gongchan's Relationship Is Based Off A Lie In Upcoming BL Drama

The official poster for the new BL drama “Unintentional Love Story” has finally been released!

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, “Unintentional Love Story” is a heart-racing romance story about two people who fall in love, starting a relationship that is based on a lie. “The beginning was intentional, but the relationship is unintentional” is the story’s main tagline, and it follows the journeys of these two characters as they learn to restore their trust. The drama was confirmed all the way back in June, and the first official poster starring Cha Seo Won and Gongchan is finally here.

Cha Seo Won will play Yoon Tae Joon, a genius ceramic artist with a prickly exterior but lots of hidden affection in his heart. Gongchan will star as Ji Won Young, an employee of the general affairs department of a large company who needs to win the heart of Yoon Tae Joon, the chairman’s favorite artist, in order to return to work. He’s a very popular person with a bright personality and finds happiness in helping others. He meets Yoon Tae Joon by chance when he is on the brink of being dismissed from his job.

In the newly released teaser poster, Yoon Tae Joon and Ji Won Young face one another as they sit in front of a potter’s wheel. Yoon Tae Joon’s smile is small and reserved but seemingly genuine, a sharp contrast to the giddy and excited expression Ji Won Young wears as he looks at the master craftsman.

The production team of “Unintentional Love Story” commented, “In the drama, Cha Seo Won and Gongchan play characters who have completely different vibes. Thanks to their amazing portrayals and their chemistry, we were able to preserve the feel of the original [webtoon] even better.”

The premiere of “Unintentional Love Story” is planned for sometime in the first half of 2023. Stay tuned for updates!

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