Lee Bo Young, Jo Sung Ha, Son Naeun, And More Clash With Opposing Desires As Korea's Top Advertisers In Upcoming Drama

JTBC’s “Agency” (literal translation) has teased Lee Bo Young, Jo Sung Ha, and more as Korea’s top advertisers!

“Agency” is a new drama that depicts the battle between gracefully desperate advertisers through the story of Go Ah In (Lee Bo Young), the first-ever female executive of VC Group who covets the company’s highest position.

Along with a new look at Go Ah In, “Agency” has unveiled the first stills of those she works closely with, including Choi Chang Soo (Jo Sung Ha), Kang Han Na (Son Naeun), Park Young Woo (Han Joon Woo), and Jo Eun Jung (Jun Hye Jin).

After graduating from a university in the countryside, Go Ah In gets her start at VC Planning, a leading advertisement agency, as a copywriter. With the mindset that she has to become the strongest, Go Ah In pushes herself harder than anyone else and has only focused on working for the past 19 years. Now, Go Ah In is VC Planning’s Creative Director and first-ever female executive. However, her ambitions don’t stop at becoming the best in the ad industry as she begins to plan how to become the best of the best. On the outside, Go Ah In appears luxurious and bold but her charisma is just a cover up for her hidden struggles.

Unlike Go Ah In, VC Planning’s Director of Planning Choi Chang Soo thinks of success of something that is obvious and guaranteed. With a much more prestigious education background than Go Ah In, Choi Chang Soo graduated from Korea’s top university and has never once experienced failure. After cruising through his professional career for 25 years with a “free pass,” Choi Chang Soo expects to land the CEO position but the bold Go Ah In becomes his first-ever hurdle.

Son Naeun portrays third generation chaebol Kang Han Na, who is the immature youngest daughter of VC Group. Although she’s essentially born with a crown on her head, Kang Han Na has no interest in carrying the weight of her title. However, she also refuses to be looked down on and describes herself as someone who “thinks strategically and acts like a crazy woman.” This manipulation lands her a role as VC Planning’s Director of Social Media and Kang Han Na takes this opportunity to target Go Ah In. As the ambitious Kang Han Na tries to creep into Go Ah In’s world, stay tuned to find out what kind of relationship these two will develop.

Han Joon Woo will be playing VC Group’s secretary Park Young Woo who assists Kang Han Na as her private tutor, bodyguard, and loyal right-hand man. When Han Na is in danger, Park Young Woo is always there to propose extraordinary solutions and save the day.

Jun Hye Jin will play Jo Eun Jung, a copywriter for VC’s Planning Team 2. Jo Eun Jung is a working mom with a five-year-old son who wants to excel at work and as a mother. Her role model is none other than Go Ah In, who has chosen the path of success as an advertiser as opposed to a mother, thus living a life Jo Eun Jung has never experienced.

The drama’s producers commented, “‘Agency’ will realistically draw out the daily lives of advertisers who struggle in unseen places in order to create the best. In addition to the story of advertising agency employees who rack their brains for 24 hours in order to captivate the hearts of those who will watch for not even a period of three minutes, please also look forward to the interesting relationships between Lee Bo Young, Jo Sung Ha, Son Naeun, Han Joon Woo, and Jun Hye Jin, who will clash in the workplace with their different desires.”

“Agency” premieres on January 7, 2023 at 10:30 p.m. KST. Check out a teaser here!

In the meantime, watch Son Naeun in “Ghost Doctor” with subtitles below:

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