Lee Sun Gyun, Moon Chae Won, And More Test Their Chemistry At 1st Script Reading For SBS's Upcoming Revenge Drama

Lee Sun Gyun, Moon Chae Won, and more have gathered for the script reading of their upcoming SBS drama!

“Beopjjeon” (romanized title) is a drama that tells a thrilling revenge story of those who risk everything to fight the money (“jjeon”) cartel that has colluded with the law (“beop”). The drama’s portrayal of those who refuse to remain silent and fight against the incompetent and unjust authority in their own way will provide thrill and catharsis to viewers.

The drama is led by writer Kim Won Seok of “Queen’s Classroom” and “Descendants of the Sun,” as well as director Lee Won Tae of “The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil” and “Man of Will.” The star-studded cast lineup includes Lee Sun Gyun, Moon Chae Won, Kang You Seok, Park Hoon, Kim Hong Pa, Kim Mi Sook, Lee Ki Young, Seo Jung Yeon, Kim Hye Hwa, and Choi Duk Moon.

Lee Sun Gyun stars as “money dealer” Eun Yong, a hermit-like businessman who is the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and owner of a global private equity fund. He plans a high-stakes plot for revenge in order to help regain the dignity of a certain person he’s thankful to who was sacrificed in an unfair trade.

Moon Chae Won takes on the role of Army Major Park Joon Kyung, an elite judicial officer who passed the bar exam and graduated the training institute with top scores. Despite being the most morally upright and just prosecutor, Park Joon Kyung decides to become a monster herself in order to fight against other monsters.

Kang You Seok portrays Eun Yong’s nephew Jang Tae Choon, a passionate, young prosecutor who is thirsty for success. Uncharacteristic of his young age, Jang Tae Choon is a “born-to-be fighter” who fearlessly joins his uncle in his fight against the money cartel. Park Hoon will transform into elite prosecutor Hwang Gi Seok who does not hesitate to collude with his enemies if it results in him becoming the top authority.

Kim Hong Pa plays chairman Myung In Joo, a key player in the corporate bond market and the “godfather” of the underground economy who built the money cartel of greed. Kim Hye Hwa takes the role of Eun Yong’s business partner Hong Han Na, a former lobbyist who is now the CEO of a private equity fund. Choi Duk Moon will appear as Nam Sang Il, a veteran at the prosecutor’s office.

Kim Mi Sook plays Park Joon Kyung’s mother Yoon Hye Rin, while Seo Jung Yeon portrays Jang Tae Choon’s mother Eun Ji Hee. Lee Ki Young portrays president Oh Chang Hyun, a former chief prosecutor at the Seoul District Prosecutor’s Office who has begun colluding with the evil cartel.

The drama’s production team shared, “Within the whirlwind narrative you can’t take your eyes off of, the energy and synergy of the actors who achieved perfect acting teamwork was really great. We ask for lots of interest in ‘Beopjjeon,’ which has exploded with special energy right from the script reading, without missing the drama’s unique tension that makes the sound of your breath die down.”

SBS’s “Beopjjeon” will premiere on January 6 and air every Friday and Saturday.

While waiting, check out Lee Sun Gyun in “War of Prosecutors” with subtitles here:

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