Seolhyun And Im Siwan Go On An Awkward Yet Heart-Fluttering First Date In

Summer Strike” has shared a sneak peek of Seolhyun and Im Siwan’s date scene!

Based on a popular webtoon of the same name, “Summer Strike” is a heartwarming romance drama about people who decide to quit their current lifestyles in the busy city and move to a small town to do nothing, where they’re ultimately able to find themselves. Im Siwan plays Ahn Dae Bum, who is living a life full of unanswered questions as he works as a librarian in a small seaside village named Angok. Seolhyun takes on the role of Lee Yeo Reum, who becomes a full-time employee at the company she has been working at for five years but eventually declares a strike on her own life, quits her job, and just takes one backpack to Angok, where she lives in an empty billiards room.


Previously on “Summer Strike,” Lee Yeo Reum and Ahn Dae Bum’s dinner date suddenly turned into a dinner party for Angok Village residents, making it less like a date. In the upcoming episode, Yeo Reum and Dae Bum’s efforts to spend time together will be depicted, making viewers smile.

The newly released stills capture Yeo Reum and Dae Beom making an appointment to meet as they express feelings of excitement and shyness. Yeo Reum, who is waiting for Dae Bum in front of the library, and Dae Bum, who is happy to meet Yeo Reum by chance, create a romantic atmosphere between the two.

The next stills preview Ahn Dae Bum and Lee Yeo Reum laughing and drinking beer together at a fried chicken restaurant. Dae Bum, who often gets misunderstood by others because he doesn’t speak well in front of strangers, is unusually talkative when he is with Yeo Reum who makes him feel comfortable and excited.

The production team remarked, “Yeo Reum and Dae Bum on a date are clumsy yet pure and innocent. [The drama] will depict the two spending time to get to know each other and getting close. Please keep an eye on the heart-fluttering change in the relationship between the two who comfort each other.”

“Summer Strike” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:20 p.m. KST and is available for viewing on Viki.

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