Jiyeon Expresses Gratitude To Longtime Friend IU + T-ara Members Share Heartfelt Congratulations On Her Marriage

Jiyeon has shared her gratitude for all the support she received on her marriage along with more gorgeous photos on her big day!

T-ara’s Jiyeon and professional baseball player Hwang Jae Gyun held a private wedding on December 10, at which Jiyeon’s longtime friend IU sang a celebratory song. Ahead of the ceremony, Jiyeon and Hwang Jae Gyun also revealed a stunning set of wedding photos. Following the ceremony, many celebrities expressed their congratulations to the lovely couple as well.

On December 12, Jiyeon took to Instagram again to thank her fans and guests along with more dazzling shots of her at the wedding ceremony. Jiyeon wrote, “I’m very grateful to have had a wedding filled with many people’s blessings. Thank you so much for coming to the wedding despite your busy schedules. I would also like to thank everyone who couldn’t come to the wedding but celebrated with us from afar. Also, I would like to sincerely thank all the people who helped us prepare for the wedding. I will cherish this feeling of happiness forever and live a beautiful and happy life. Thank you again to everyone.”

Check out Jiyeon’s gorgeous photos from her Instagram:

Later, Jiyeon uploaded another post dedicated to T-ara members, expressing her gratitude as she remarked, “As soon as I saw their faces, I burst out crying. They said not to cry because it’s a good day, but when they gave a toast, I was attacked by a combo of three levels of tears. What more is there to say between us? Thank you, I love you, my sisters.”

T-ara’s Eunjung also posted the same set of photos to her Instagram and congratulated Jiyeon, “How many people in this world can lift you up simply by their existence? Our [relationship] is truly so precious. I love and adore you beyond words can say!”

Qri also wrote, “Be happy forever!!” signing the loving message “from your eternal teammate.”

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Hyomin shared a long, heartfelt post to congratulate Jiyeon’s wedding, referring to Jiyeon as “her little sister and roommate who spent all of their youth together.” Looking back at their past relationship, Hyomin shared that Jiyeon was always a Superman-like little sister to her because she was always so reliable and knew how to place other members before herself even when they were all having a hard time. Hyomin wrote, “I’m glad you now have your own reliable Superman by your side! Don’t try to endure things alone when you’re having a hard time, and lean on people when you have to. You’ve always tried hard to receive others’ love, but now you don’t have to try so hard, so live while receiving as much love as you want. Okay?”

Hyomin then ended her post by saying, “I will sincerely support you as you embark on another journey now! May you two be a couple who always makes up for each other’s shortcomings. I believe you will now be like an older sister who will guide me so that I can follow your path well. Once again, congratulations on your wedding! May you enjoy eternal happiness.”

Finally, Jiyeon thanked her close friend IU for her thoughtful congratulatory message and gift, saying, “I teared up again seeing you dance while smiling brightly for me who is a crybaby.” Revealing that IU gifted her a tiara with her birthstones (pearls), Jiyeon shared that IU also messaged her, “While keeping [the gift] as a souvenir and when looking back later after much time has passed, I don’t think there will be anything more meaningful than a tiara when remembering how beautiful and precious of a person you were when young haha. Always live like a queen, live well!!”

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Congratulations again to Jiyeon and Hwang Jae Gyun!

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