Watch: Kim Hyun Joo And Park Hee Soon Face A Dilemma Where There Is No Right Choice In

SBS has dropped a fascinating four-minute highlight clip of its upcoming drama “Trolley”!

“Trolley” is a new mystery romance drama about a politician’s wife who faces the biggest dilemma of her life after a secret she’s been hiding is unexpectedly revealed. Kim Hyun Joo will star as Kim Hye Joo, the wife of National Assembly member Nam Joong Do (Park Hee Soon), who chooses to stay out of the public eye instead of being active as a politician’s wife.

The clip begins as Kim Hye Joo narrates, “Was I not honest at that moment? Is that why I am being punished like this?” Artistic graphics follow afterwards, introducing the cast and key themes of the drama including the famous trolley dilemma. In the following clip, Hye Joo’s daughter Yoon Seo (Choi Myung Bin) asks her, “Mom, do you know what the trolley dilemma is?” and starts to explain the hypothetical problem in which one is given an option to cause the death of either one person who they love or five others by turning the wheel.

The ordinary daily lives of Kim Hye Joo’s family turns upside down as Yoon Seo goes missing. At the police station, Kim Hye Joo begs her husband Nam Joong Do who is also a National Assembly member, “Let’s ask them for a little help. What are you going to do if something happens to Yoon Seo?” Soon, the case becomes known to the public, and Nam Joong Do gets attacked by the politicians from the other party who insists that he takes responsibility for the preferential treatment for his daughter’s missing case investigation by resigning.

The story takes another turn as a mysterious woman, whom Kim Hye Joo seems to be heavily indebted to, appears in front of her. Anticipation is high for the drama which will present a suspenseful story of people who struggle with confusion and conflicts in front of options that have no right answers.

Check out the full highlight video below!

“Trolley” will premiere on December 19 at 10 p.m. KST. Watch another teaser here.

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