A Decade Of Christmas: 11 K-Pop Songs That Sum Up The Holiday Spirit

Christmas is upon us, and one of the classic rituals that welcome the holiday season is a good Xmas playlist. While this has been somewhat of a Soompi custom, this year will be a bit different without breaking tradition per se. In fact, while there have been countless December hits throughout the past decade, only a song of each year has made the selection.

Curious to discover which songs sum up the holiday spirit? Scroll through the list down below, and happy holidays!

Ailee – “My Grown Up Christmas List” (2012)

Yes, this is a cover of Kelly Clarkson’s song of the same name. In fact, it’s an entire project album dedicated to the Canadian musician David Foster, who co-wrote the song. Ailee lends her voice to this beautiful carol that conveys a message of peace, love, and togetherness. Isn’t this what Christmas is all about?

EXO – “Miracles In December” (2013)

They say that love has the ability to heal, and EXO seems to agree through this moving ballad. The group shares their own experiences about how the miracle of love has made them become better people. If anything, the winter season is the best time to leave one’s naughty side behind and thrive to be as good as possible.

Eric Nam – “Melt My Heart” (2014)

If you’re looking to melt your love interest’s heart this Christmas, Eric Nam has got your back. The singer has always had his way with words, and this beautiful tune is all about being lovey-dovey during the snowy season.

Girls’ Generation-TTS – “Dear Santa” (2015)

Growing up, Santa has been the one to answer the most unbelievable wishes kids can come up with. As adults, perhaps we need a Santa figure more than we did as children. The soulful trio channels this idea as the tempo escalates, and the ladies share their burden in rhymes and believe they won’t be let down in return. That’s the spirit!

IU – “Merry Christmas In Advance” (2016)

Leave it to IU to spread the holiday spirit with not only her beautiful voice but also her warm and enchanting personality. The lyrics basically narrate a diary entry of a girl who is slowly falling in love during this cold but heartwarming season.

TWICE – “Merry & Happy” (2017)

Christmas can mean different things to many people, but if we were to agree on one thing it would be sharing this time of the year with loved ones. Being around family, friends, partners, or even colleagues whom you appreciate and care for can make this festive moment very meaningful. TWICE knows so, and their song is all about this. Merry & happy holidays!

GOT7 – “Miracle” (2018)

In this beautiful ode, GOT7 addresses their loyal fans and compares their encounter to a miracle. The core of this ballad can be applied to many situations in life. This time of the year is considered magical, and many happy coincidences take place in love, career, family, friendships, and so on. But perhaps having fate and channeling good fortune around this merry time is what grants us such serendipity.

BTS’s V – “Winter Bear” (2019)

While we are surrounded by friends and family during this time, the holidays are also about remembering our loved ones who have left us. V dedicates this song to his grandmother. He wishes that she would come back to him, and he reminisces about his troubles fading away the moment he used to see her face as a child.

Lee Hi feat. Crush – “For You” (2020)

Simple, soothing, and serenading: such is this incredible duet. Lee Hi and Crush are joining the popular lineup of Christmas love songs. If you ever consider having your wedding in December, this collab has just the right amount of holiday tunes and romantic lyrics.

Stray Kids – “Christmas EveL” (2021)

Stray Kids took “naughty or nice” to a whole new level, and I’m here for it! This vibrant banger is perfectly complemented by the equally dynamic music video. This spot-on combination could honestly be a Christmas short film to watch every December to ring in the holidays!

Red Velvet X aespa – “Beautiful Christmas” (2022)

Red Velvet and aespa joined just in time to release a song during the holidays. The SM ladies are adding their own print to Christmas K-pop with a modern carol that combines their beautiful vocals, and this song pretty much sums up what the holiday season is all about!

Which Christmas K-pop song channels the holiday spirit within you? And what’s your top 10 pick from the last decade? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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